Problems with NSO Birth Certificate: Child Was Registered at the LCR Twice

Registered Twice

While some parents fail to properly register their newborn babies at the Local Civil Registry office, therefore resulting to Late Registration when the need for the child’s birth certificate arises, others do it not once, but twice (I hope not more than that!).  The following are just some of the reasons why this happens:

  • I wanted to change my child’s name;
  • I wanted to remove the name of my ex-husband from my child’s birth certificate;
  • My parents-in-law interfered with the child’s birth registration; and
  • We got a Negative Certification from the NSO so we went ahead and registered our child again (thinking that that is the only solution). 

At the end of the day, an individual whose birth has been registered twice will still have the same question: So which of the two birth certificates should I use?

Resty Mendoza got the shock of his life when, upon receiving his birth certificate, he saw that his name and birth place were different from what he has been using and declaring all his life!  He knew his real name was Restituto Alain Mendoza and that he was born in Camarines Sur (where he now resides).  The birth certificate he received from the mail says that his name is Ferdinand Alain Mendoza and that he was born in Pasay City.  All the rest of the information were correct: his parents’ names and birth places and his birthday.  All except his name and birthplace.

When he showed his parents the copy of the birth certificate he received, they confirmed that they had indeed registered his birth in Pasay City, a few weeks after he was born.  When the family moved to Camarines Sur, they requested for a copy of his birth certificate at the NSO in the area and were advised that the NSO did not have a copy of his birth certificate.  Instead of checking with the Pasay LCR, his parents filed a late registration of his birth certificate and took the opportunity to change his name and his place of birth.  They realized now that the LCR in Pasay may have endorsed a copy of his birth registration after all and now the PSA (formerly NSO) has the first copy of his birth certificate.

Resty will be graduating from college soon and the school required him to submit a copy of his PSA birth certificates (formerly NSO birth certificate).  Which birth certificate must he use now?

This time, Resty and his parents consulted the LCR in Camarines Sur and they were advised that the entries in his first birth registration are considered as his true and official birth details – especially his name and birthplace.  Since he is graduating, he will have to advise his school that his real name is Ferdinand and that to avoid confusion on his future transactions, his school records and diploma should now bear Ferdinand as his first name.

To avoid further expenses and delays in completing his school requirements, Resty agreed to use the details in his PSA birth certificate.  Although it will take a long time before he starts responding to the name “Ferdinand”, he knows that it is the best thing to do at that point.

His friends and families continued calling him “Resty” as his nickname.  And he has not failed to explain to new acquaintances how his nickname was coined when his real name is actually Ferdinand.  By doing this, he is also able to warn people of the hassles of registering a child’s birth twice.



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70 thoughts on “Problems with NSO Birth Certificate: Child Was Registered at the LCR Twice

  1. Dalawa din yung birth certificate ko from LCR ang isa last name ng Papa ko at ang isa naman last name ng mama ko ang nakasulat. Nung kumuha ako ng NSO last name ng Mama ko ang naging last name ko since last name ng Papa ko ang gamit ko sa Diploma at TOR ko d ako maka take ng board exam. My chance pa ba pag kukuha ako ng PSA yung last na ng Papa ko ang ibigay kasi yung dalawa Kung birth certificate from LCR same naman yung registry number at Kung kailan ito ginawa. Thank you!

  2. Hi. I have 2 registry number at PSA. Paano ko po mapapalock yung unang registry number ko. Then ipa unlock yung pangalawang registry number ko? Thank you sa sagot.

    1. Normally kasi ang nilo-lock ng PSA is the second registry number (if we are talking about a double registration for the same person).

      Kung ang dahilan kung bakit kayo nagkaron ng double registration ay dahil may error ang birth certificate na unang na rehistro, kailangan niyo pong ipa correct yung mali sa una niyong birth certificate.

      Kung gusto niyo pong i-pursue ang pag unlock sa second registration and have the first one locked, please inquire at the PSA office na po.

  3. Yung sa live in partner ko po 2rin ang live birth at ing block na NG PSA YUNG HULI.. saan pong LCR pupunta para mapa cancel Yung una..

  4. Hello po. I am very disappointed to know po when i found out my second late registration was cancelled .. in the first place po its not ny parents faults its the registrar and the NSO /PSA itself. Prior graduation of elementary my teachers was been asking my birth certificate po and my parents lost most of our documents Dahil nasunog po bahay namin when i was about al1 year old. I am using my current name po since. We dont even know that i have another spelling of name since my mum was asking our municipal registrat to ask my records thay said they cannot find it in their regsistry book they even advised my mum to go to the next municipality to check my record as my hometown at the time i was born was partly part of that neighboring municipal. And they still cant find any records about my birth at the time. They advice my mum to register me on late registration and was approved and been using it for more than 2 decades. I always ask an authenthicated copies every now and then when i needed with my second late registration which im using ever since. just this year 2021 about may i still have my correct birthcertificate and just recently this month of october i was shocked when i get a PSA that my name was change .. i wanted to complaint and ask regarding about it but i dont have much time at the time as i was about to travel to process some important documents. I found out that my first registration have deffirent name spelling and my mother or father wasnt the informant . They dont even have any signed on that birth certificate. Why they considered it as legal then ? And for the first place if they know that i have previous name registered why they approved my 2nd late registration? And now after 2 decades they just simply remove my 2nd registration ? Do u think its fair? Im using my name for all my records and even on my marriage and i need to. Go to my local registry and alll this payment just because of the REGistrar /NSO/PSA mistake? How come after 21 years they just found out my 1st record in their data base.If anyone here have thesame problem what did u do to fix it ? 8 need soem advise please …

  5. Good Day, Double registered po yung birth certificate ko. Yung pangalawang birth certificate po talaga yung ginagamit ko sa mga dokumento ko na nakaapelyido sa Father ko. Yung unang birth certificate po hindi ko po yun ginagamit dahil sa Mother ko po iyon nakaapelyido. Tuwing kumukuha po ako ng birth certificate sa PSA yung una po nirerelease nila dahil yun daw po ang valid at yung pangalawa invalid na.

    Yung concern ko po, Inaayos ko po ngayon yung unang birth certificate ko for Legitimation para magamit ko po yung apelyido ng Father ko and Correction of Clerical error sa first name ng Father ko (Bernard) dapat po ay (Bernardo).

    Tanong ko lang po, tama po ba ang proseso na aking ginagawa? Inuuna ko po munang ayusin at tapusin ang unang birth certificate ko para magkaroon na ng annotation? Balak ko po sanang isunod ko nalang po yung cancellation of 2nd entry ng birth cert ko kapag ayos na ang una? Through court daw po kasi itong cancellation of 2nd entry at magastos. Student palang po kasi ako ngayon at wala rin po kasing kakayahan ang aking mga magulang na gumastos dahil sa totoo lamang po mahirap lamang kami. Balak ko po sanang ayusin itong cancellation of 2nd entry kapag may work na po ako. Maraming Salamat po! 🙂

  6. Parehas po kmi twice din po ako narehistro gigagamit ko pangalan jenielyn nung kumuha po ako nso jeannielyn po NASA nso

    1. Bakit ka twice na narehistro?

      Ang spelling na Jeannielyn ang spelling ng pangalan mo sa unang registration mo. Yung Jenielyn ang bagong spelling ng name mo at ito ang nilagay nila sa second registration mo.

      Siguro, gustong i-correct ng parents mo ang spelling ng name mo kaya imbes na magpa correction of entry sila, ang ginawa nila ay nirehistro ka nila ulit.

      Mali ito.

      Ngayon na inayos na ng PSA ang records nila, nakita na dalawa ang registration para sa iyo. Ang ginawa ng PSA, diniscard yung pangalawa mong registration at ang na-retain ay ang una at original na birth registration mo kung saan Jeannielyn ang spelling ng name mo.

      Tuwing kukuha ka ng birth certificate, yang Jeannielyn ang makukuha mong birth certificate dahil yan ang una at original mong registration.

    1. Hi Vleo,

      It really depends sa LCR na mag asikaso ng correction. Pero normally, kailangan kumpleto ang requirements kasi ang mga documents na iyan ang magiging basis ng validity ng PSA document mo.


  7. for late registration po.. pwede ko po ba gamitin surname ng papa ko kahit d sila kasal ng mama ko po ipinanganak po ko ng taong 1996

    1. Hi Joana,

      Basta may acknowledgment ang father mo sa birth certificate mo at pipirma siya ng AUSF (affidavit to use surname of the father).

      Since legal age ka na, pwedeng ikaw na ang mag process nito.


      1. Same problem nkakuha NPO Ako ng PSA SA second registration pero lately Yung first na ANG lumalabas bakit ganun

      2. Mali po kasi na nagpa second registration kayo nung malaman niyo na may error ang first registered birth certificate ninyo. Ang nangyari po doon, nagkaron kayo ng double registration – bawal po yun. Yung second registration niyo ay naka lock na po. Ang lalabas na lagi ngayon ay yung first registration niyo. KUng may mali po sa first registered copy ng birth certificate (or any type of civil registry document for that matter), ipa correct niyo po sa LCR following the right and legal process.

    1. Panu po ang proseso sa pagpapakansela ng birth.? Double registration din po kc ng anak ko.Ang unang nka register po ay Montealegre ang last name which is not his real father ang pumirma. Dahil inabandona po ako dti ng father nia so ang friend ko ang pumirma which is tatay ko ang kumausap sa friend ko sila n rin ang nag usap. But after 7 months bumalik husband ko nagpa late register kming dalawa n gamit ang apelyido nia. Gusto ko sana ipa cancel ng unang birth ng anak ko anu po ang proseso?

  8. Good after poh….may problema poh ako sa birth certificate ko…kasi ang naka lagay sa NSO ko ay middle name parin nang mother ko…inasikaso na poh namen un sa aming probinsya at ang sabe sakin maaus na daw poh pero nung kumuha na ako nang birth certificate NSO eh apilyido parin nang mother ko ang naka lagay…sana matulungan nyo naman poh ako at kung panu ang gagawin ko salamat poh

  9. good evening po paano po kung sa case po ng double registration is my name,last name ,fathers name place of birth have diferent entry from 1st and 2nd registration is this also covered the said act which is cancellation of the first registration na para po tong dalawang tao kung iisipin and i already graduated and the second registration ang ginagamit ko sa lahat ng mga school records?

  10. I have almost the same problem. I have 2 birth certificates. The first one is correct. The second one was late registered by my aunt with wrong birth year. But when I requested copy of PSA birth certificate, they gave me the PSA copy of 2nd one which has a wrong birth year. Can you advise how can I obtain the PSA copy of the first and correct birth certificate? They have advised me of cancellation of the 2nd birth certififcate thru filing a case. But, isn’t it the PSA should use the first one?

      1. Yes, we’ve checked it recently with the LCR and it is in there. My Aunt has checked with NSO when I was 10 years old and NSO does not have my record so they advised her to have me late registered and she did it with an incorrect birth year. This late registered birth certificate is the one appearing in the PSA now. Apparently, LCR failed to submit the first birth certificate to NSO. Do we need to file a petition to cancel the 2nd birth certificate? I suppose the 1st birth certificate should be the use and recorded by PSA.

      2. You need to file for a cancellation for the 2nd registration. It’s not the PSA fault either on your part if the LCR failed to forward it sooner. By the way who advised her to file for a late registration? And where did she file it?

  11. Pero bakit nung NSO pa sya ang nilalabas nilang record ko is yung (Zambales) birth place po. Tas nung nag PSA na ito ng (Angeles City). If by court ito, roughly magkano po kaya gagastusin? Wala nabang other way para magawan ng paraan?

    1. Wala na cancellation na talaga ang kailangan gawin dyan. Kaya ka nakakuha ng late registration mo kasi unang kopya yun wala pa sa data base. Ngayon na detect na nila na double registration ka.

  12. Hi po nabasa ko po itong case ni Resty may pagkahalintulad po kme dalawa ng case kaso ung akin po ung 1st registered po is naka pangalan sa lolo at lola ko anf parents ko,, at ung late registered po na pangalawa is naka name nman po sa nanay ko tlga at un po ang ginagamit ko sa buong buhay ko simula ng nag aral ako at nakapagtapoz ng college un din po ang ginamit ko sa passport ko at PRC license ko at Birth certificate ng anak ko,, nitong huli ko lng din po nalaman na ni registered pla ako ng lola ko dati nung kumuha po kc ako ng copy ng bc ko sa NSO nung una nman nakakakuha p ko ng 2nd registered ko na bc which is the late registered ko pero nitong huli kumuha po ako ulit ng copt ng bc ko sa PSA(NSO) ibang copy na binigay nila un na ung grandparents ko ang nakalagay na magulang ko.. puede nyo po b ako bigyan ng payo o step pra magamit ko ulit ung na blocked na late registered ng birth certificate ko at ung 1st registered bc ko ay ipawalang bisa na?
    Maraming Salamat po sa maibibigay nyo na idea

  13. Hi, same problem po ako kay “Sleeplessnight”. Kumuha ako ng birth certificate lastweek sa PSA Pampanga different ang birthplace ko (Angeles CIty). Yung last copy na meron from NSO (Zambales ang birthplace ko) ito rin ang ginagamit ko sa school passport and other documents. Ano po kaya steps na dapat gawen dito?. I hope you can help me, salamat sa sasagot.

      1. Yes. Diku rin alam kung alin ang first an registration. Pero simula nag school ako and other docs ko like passport etc (Zambales) birthplace ang gamit ko. Nagpunta ako ng LCR (Angeles City) para icancel un pero sabi by court pa daw.

  14. The birth order for my second child was incorrectly entered as 1. Please advice po kung ano ang dapat gawin to correct it. Salamat po.

  15. Resty’ s case is less compared to my sister.. she has to take board exam and she had to submit secure her nso (still nso that time not psa) birth certificate . it was my mother who came to take from the nso office. however, they cannot find any record of her. they concluded that hers might have been included in the fire when our municipal office was burned a long time ago as such no document of her was endorsed to nso. for my sister to be able to take the board exam my parents opted to subject her for late registration. from then on, she used that record.. her passport, all her legal documents to be exact, are based on that. now at present my sister is working in UAE. shes processing my other sister’s visa and they needed a copy of her nso birth certificate. I went to psa office, and secured copy of it. to my shock, the record is different. her birth date birthplace and middle name. so we understood that they might have found already the first record of my sister which the psa office failed to give that very first time that my mother came to take it. the problem now is from her school records and all legal documents pertaining her, is the details kept in her 2nd registry ( late registration records ). I talked to one of the staff of psa if it’s possible to give us that 2nd registry because that is what she have been using in her entire life. and she said it should not be and i have to go to the municipal office to get the old one corrected. it was veru irritating. I don’t know whats the legal process for this kind of situations but if we have to follow that process told by the psa staff, it’s very impractical. and so much damaging on the part of my sister. it’s good if it’s like restys scenario. but my sister it’s more.. this wont hi be a waste of money and time for us but it’s truly burdensome. and just today i found out that when our cousin came to take my sister’s nso birth certificate earlier this year, (she needed the document to process her visa and travel to UAE ) the psa showed her 2 documents. the old one having all the wrong details and the 2nd one which is the product of her late registration. and this gave me so much doubt as to whether what is the rule on this. the psa office gave my cousin both records. and I don’t understand why that girl who attended my request last week insisted that I can not take it and she can only give2the old one. please enlighten me

    1. 1. The requirements are:
      a) if the person is less than eighteen (18) years old, the following shall be required:
      i) four (4) copies of the Certificate of Live Birth duly accomplished and signed by the proper parties;
      ii) accomplished Affidavit for Delayed Registration at the back of Certificate of Live Birth by the father, mother, or guardian, declaring therein, among other things, the following: • name of child; • date and place of birth; • name of the father if the child is illegitimate and has been acknowledged by him; • if legitimate, the date and place of marriage of parents; and • reason for not registering the birth within thirty (30) days after the date of birth

      1. The requirements are:
      a) if the person is less than eighteen (18) years old, the following shall be required:
      i) four (4) copies of the Certificate of Live Birth duly accomplished and signed by the proper parties;
      ii) accomplished Affidavit for Delayed Registration at the back of Certificate of Live Birth by the father, mother, or guardian, declaring therein, among other things, the following: • name of child; • date and place of birth; • name of the father if the child is illegitimate and has been acknowledged by him; • if legitimate, the date and place of marriage of parents; and • reason for not registering the birth within thirty (30) days after the date of birth.

      iii) any two of the following documentary evidences which may show the name of the child, date and place of birth, and name of mother (and name of father, if the child has been acknowledged):
      • baptismal certificate;
      • school records (nursery, kindergarten, or preparatory);
      • income tax return of parent/s;
      • insurance policy;
      • medical records; and
      • others, such as barangay captain’s certification.

      iv) affidavit of two disinterested persons who might have witnessed or known the birth of the child.
      b) If the person is eighteen (18) years old or above.
      i) all the requirements for the person who is less than eighteen (18) years old; and
      ii) Certificate of Marriage, if married.

      . Delayed registration of birth, like ordinary registration made at the time of birth, shall be filed at the Office of the Civil Registrar of the place where the birth occurred.

      3. Upon receipt of the application for delayed registration of birth, the civil registrar shall examine the Certificate of Live Birth presented, whether it has been completely and correctly filled in and all requirements have been complied with.

      4. In the delayed registration of the birth of an alien, travel documents showing the origin and nationality of the parents shall be presented in addition to the requirements mentioned in Rule 25.

    1. Hi Hiromi,

      Persistent follow ups with government offices will push them to work on the papers faster. You may also consult the Citizen’s Charter of that particular government office to find out how long they’ve publicly committed to work on such documentation.


  16. I am working abroad. Got birth certificate from the PSA three or four times in the past. But this month I authorized my niece to get one for me and I just learned that I am now bearing a different surname. They said I was double registered and yes PSA follows the first one. But the case is that I have been using the secod one all of my life. I intended to get birth certificate because I am getting married in June at the Philippine Embassy. Now I have to fix this before June. How can I cancel my first LCR birth certificate while considering I am here abroad? Can someone do it for me? What are the details? I hope you can respond. Thanks.

      1. Thanks for the reply.

        Not yet but I’m about to. It’s just hard because it’s my mother, she’s old and has to travel 7 hours to the place of my first registration. So I have to gather information first.

      2. I read the Rule of Courts rule 108 and it was complicated. Now all I want to know is can my mother represent me for the processing?

  17. Ask q LNG po,pagkumukuha po AQ ng nso iba yng gender at birth register nso q sa local birth double registration DW.ano pong dapat gawin don?

  18. Same case ako, different spelling ng last name and birthplace. I’ve been using the second one my whole life. Para pong may nabasa ako na no need na ng atty pag nagpaayus ng surname. Gusto ko makacncel ung first na nafiled kc un ang lumalabas kapag hihingi ako ng copy ng nso bc ko… Hindi ako makakakuha n pdsport bc of this

  19. I have the same case as the example mentioned. however, my name, birthplace are documented in my marriage Cert, birth certs of my kids, and I was able to get a passport bearing the name and birthplace written on my late registrated birth Cert.

    What can I do in order for me to use my present name and birth place instead of reverting all documents (including my kids’ birth certificates) back to my legal name?

      1. I have the same problem with #inspiringpreschool. what are the process? where should i go first?

      2. Please enlighten me with this. thank you and God bless. when i went to NSO to get a new copy of my birth cert. they provided me a different birth of place (Oringao). however, all the the entry are correct. except the birth place . all my school records. PRC license and drivers lic including my passport bears the birthplace (hinobaan).

      3. Nope. Second time na po. Yong first na kinuha ko yon talaga yong dinadala ko sa school at gov. Docs. Pro nong kumuha na ako uli . Iba na yong lumalabas po. Same ng entry except po sa place of birth. Don ko po na laman na n register pala ako ng lola ko . At na register din ako ng mama ko.

  20. Yong friend ko iba yong sure name nya sa nso kaysa ginagamit nya ngayon late n po kasi nya nlaman.. Kasi gamit nya yong LCR nya.. Pano po kaya yon

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