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Wrong Gender sa NSO?

Good news!!!!

Hindi na kailangan mag pa court hearing kung ang mali sa birth certificate mo ay gender at petsa ay buwan sa birthdate mo.

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If you have wrong NSO birth certificate information like wrong spelling, wrong gender or sex, typographical errors, clerical errors, date of birth, wrong place of birth, mother’s or father’s name, no middle name and other discrepancies? These would usually be under RA 9048 or a court order.

Go to the local civil registrar (LCR), bring all your personal documents and facilitate the corrections. The proper correction procedure involves the filing of an application for a Supplemental Report (if information is left blank) or Correction of Entry if misspelled, or court order if change of entire name or gender at the Local Civil Registry Office (LCRO) where your birth was registered. You may have to bring supporting documents, e.g., baptismal certificate, school records, etc., as these may be required in filing the application for supplemental report. The LCRO will then be submitting a copy of the Supplemental Report to NSO, along with the civil registry documents they regularly transmit to the agency (NSO).

After that and a couple of weeks, here is a list of documents you should produce to bring to NSO legal department (CDLI) when you check your updated information:

(1) Certified copy of the Court Decree of Correction of Entry/Change for First Name/Cancellation of Entry
(2) Certificate of Finality
(3) Certificate of Registration of the Court Decree
(4) Certified Machine Copy/Photocopy of Annotated Birth/Marriage/Death Certificate or Certified True Copy (CTC) of Birth/Marriage/Death Certificate with the appropriate annotation

If the information are now updated, you can request for your NSO certificate at anytime from thereon.

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For those living in Manila, planning to visit the Manila City Local Civil Registrar for their birth certificates or other registration concerns, this is the third in a series on the requirements and protocols you might need to know.


1. 2 latest certified/local copies and 2 latest NSO copies of birth certificate to be corrected
2. 2 latest certified copies of birth certificate/death certificate of mother. If certified of no record was issued, please submit birth certificate or marriage contract of mother’s 2 brothers or sisters.
3. 2 latest certified copies of marriage contract of parents. If certification of no record was issued, please, submit birth certificate of documents owner’s brother or sister at least two (2).
4. 2 latest certified copies of marriage contract of document owner
5. 2 copies of baptismal certificate
6. 2 copies of school records (Elementary and High School either F-137/138 or Certification) or College (TOR)
7. 2 certified copies of voter’s registration record/voters affidavit. (COMELEC)
8. 2 copies of valid ID of the petitioner and the document owner and 1 copy of latest community tax certificate from the place of work or residence
9. Other documents which the office may consider relevant and necessary for the approval of the Petition. GSIS/SSS Record, Diploma (Elem., HS or College/Vocational), Medical Record, Business Record, Service Record, Insurance, Certificate of Land Title, Passbook, etc.
10. SPA (Special Power Attorney), If the petitioner is not the document owner like auntie, uncle godparents, client, friend, officemate etc.

1. All civil documents (Birth, Marriage and Death) to be submitted should be the latest certified
local copy or security paper from NSO
2. After the compliance of the requirements, please proceed to the information counter and get a number for the pre-interview and bring the original copies of the supporting documents (Personal Records) (Only with complete requirements are allowed for pre-interview)
3. Steps to follow will be provided after the Final Interview
4. Processing of the petition is four (4) months. Will commence on the date the petition will be receive by this Office
5. Payments are as follows: Registration Fee (P 1,000.00)/Certified Xerox Copy (P230.00) and Transmittal Fee (P210.00) and Additional Payment of P30.00 (document with supplemental report)


Sourced from: http://www.manila.gov.ph/citycivilregistry.htm

Note that you can opt to have NSO certificates delivered to you by calling (02)737-1111 or checking www.birthcertificates.com.ph

2nd of the Series:

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Here’s the final part of the content on RA 9048.

Hope the information here helps you.



As in the case of correction of clerical error, no petition for change of first name shall be accepted unless the petitioner submits the required supporting papers, as follows:

  1. All the documents required of the petitioner for the correction of clerical error shall also be required of the petitioner for change of first name.
  2. Clearance from authorities such as clearance from employer, if employed; the National Bureau of Investigation; the Philippine National Police; and other clearances as may be required by the concerned C/MCR.
  3. Proof of Publication. An affidavit of publication from the publisher and copy of the newspaper clippings should be attached.



The C/MCR and the District/Circuit Registrar (D/CR) are authorized to collect from every petitioner the following rates of filing fees:

  • One thousand pesos (P1,000.00) for the correction of clerical error
  • Three thousand pesos (P3,000.00) for the change of first name

In the case of a petition filed with the Consul General (CG), the fees are the same for all Philippine Consulates. The fees are the following:

  • Fifty U.S. dollars ($50.00) for the correction of clerical or typographical error
  • One hundred fifty U.S. dollars ($150.00) for the change of first name

A migrant petitioner shall pay an additional service fee to the Petition Receiving Civil Registrar (PRCR).

This service fee shall accrue to the local treasury of the PRCR.

  • Five hundred pesos (P500.00) for correction of clerical or typographical error
  • One thousand pesos (P1,000.00) for change of first name



The general rule is that petition shall be filed with the Local Civil Registry Office (LCRO) where the record containing the clerical error to be corrected or first name to be changed is kept. Included in this general rule is the case of the Office of the Clerk of Shari’a Court where records of divorces, revocations of divorces, conversions to Islam are kept and where some Muslim marriages are registered.

However, in case the petitioner is a migrant within or outside the Philippines, meaning his present residence or domicile is different from where his civil registry record or records are registered, he may file the petition in the nearest LCRO in his area. His petition will be treated as a migrant petition.



Feel free to request for more info regarding any citizen services you might want.

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Some tips for the correction of entry for your civil registry document (NSO birth, marriage, death, CENOMAR certificates)

1. Contact a lawyer who will prepare the Petition for correction of entry.

2. Lawyers shall file the Petition in the Regional Trial Court. The fee for filing the Petition in the Regional Trial Court is P160.00.

3. The Petition will be raffled and assigned to a branch of the Regional Trial Court.

4. The assigned Regional Trial Court shall issue an Order for the publication of its Order in a newspaper of general circulation for three consecutive weeks. Fee for publication varies.

5. The Order contains the date of the first hearing.

6. During the first hearing, the lawyer will present compliance of the jurisdictional requirements like publication of the Order in a newspaper of general circulation.

7. After establishing compliance with jurisdictional requirements, the petitioner will be presented in Court to testify. The Court may assign the Clerk of Court to receive evidence.

8. During the hearing, it is possible that an oppositor may appear contesting the Petition. If no oppositor appears, the Clerk of Court will receive the petitioner’s evidence.

9. After presentation of evidence, the Court will rule on the Petition.

10. If the decision is favorable, the Court will order the Office of City Registrar to correct the entry in the civil registry document (birth/marriage/death certificate of the petitioner).

NSO Birth Certificate Delivery Helpline 737-1111 can help answer your inquiries and processing request.
Check this website for more information.

Source: www.citizenservices.com.ph/blog
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