The ePhilID: What Is It And How Do You Get One?

From PhilSys ID to EPhilID, real quick! If you have completed the Step 2 of the PhilSys ID registration process but have not yet received your physical ID, you may just be eligible to get an electronic version of the ID. Here’s how. The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) recently announced the pilot test on theContinue reading “The ePhilID: What Is It And How Do You Get One?”

Will A Foreign Divorce Be Recognized In The Philippines?

A Filipino citizen (husband) and a foreign citizen (wife) marry in the Philippines; sometime later, the foreign spouse files and is granted a divorce in her country. Will the Filipino spouse be able to marry again in the Philippines by virtue of the foreign divorce papers sent to him by his ex-wife? When I didContinue reading “Will A Foreign Divorce Be Recognized In The Philippines?”

How To Dispute Your Traffic Violations Online

Do you have a traffic violation that you’d like to dispute but don’t have the time to visit the MMDA office (and go through all the trouble of presenting documents, filling out forms, and waiting… and waiting… and, well, you get the picture)? Well, there’s good news for you. The MMDA recently announced that driversContinue reading “How To Dispute Your Traffic Violations Online”

How To Use Your PhilHealth Benefits During Hospitalization

If you have not tried using or claiming your PhilHealth benefits in a hospital, you need to read this. Medical emergencies can happen to us anytime. That is why it is important that we know how to tap on our resources when the need arises. When you find yourself admitted in a hospital, you notContinue reading “How To Use Your PhilHealth Benefits During Hospitalization”

How To Enroll Your Bank Or E-wallet In The SSS Disbursement Account Enrollment Module (DAEM)

All members of the SSS are now required to enroll their bank account or e-wallet account (GCash, Maya, etc.) in the SSS Disbursement Account Module for smooth and hassle-free disbursement of the proceeds of loans and other monetary benefits from the SSS. When you have a bank or e-wallet account enrolled to the disbursement module,Continue reading “How To Enroll Your Bank Or E-wallet In The SSS Disbursement Account Enrollment Module (DAEM)”

How To Renew Your Driver’s License In 5 Steps

There is now an easier, more efficient way to have your driver’s license renewed by the LTO, and it only involves five steps. If you are due to have your license renewed soon, READ THIS. Step 1: Create an Account at the LTO LTMS Portal On the LTMS homepage, click the Register tab to createContinue reading “How To Renew Your Driver’s License In 5 Steps”

Workers’ Rest Law: All You Need To Know

Does your boss call or message you for work-related information and activities even after you have logged out for the day and are on your way home? Does he or she make you work on quick emails and submissions even during weekends and holidays? There is a bill that will soon prohibit employers, managers, andContinue reading “Workers’ Rest Law: All You Need To Know”

How To Pay For Your Missed PhilHealth Contributions

While you will not be denied your PhilHealth benefits if you fail to make a contribution payment or two, you will be billed for the unpaid monthly premiums plus interests when you finally decide to settle. That is why you need to keep your PhilHealth contributions updated to avoid having to make payments right whenContinue reading “How To Pay For Your Missed PhilHealth Contributions”