Additional Benefits for Solo Parents in the Philippines

Solo parents can now confidently say, Hindi kami nag-iisa. Additional work leaves, scholarship grants, and cash subsidy are just some of the additional benefits that solo parents may enjoy under the Expanded Solo Parents Welfare Act (RA 11861). Read on. Parental leave. A solo parent shall be granted parental leaves of not more than sevenContinue reading “Additional Benefits for Solo Parents in the Philippines” Now Accepts Payments Through ShopeePay

As digital payments continue to gain momentum in our country, more and more people choose to activate their e-wallets and use their e-cash to pay for their purchases. Whether buying online or over the counter, consumers are now given various cashless payment options to promote safety and convenience under the new normal of shopping andContinue reading “ Now Accepts Payments Through ShopeePay”

How To Save On Fuel And Still Get To Work On Time

Are you still driving your car to work (or to any other place you need to be)? Good for you! So many other car owners have opted to take public transportation to get to their offices and business places as fuel prices continue to soar weekly. I personally believe taking the train or bus toContinue reading “How To Save On Fuel And Still Get To Work On Time”

All You Need To Know About Paternity Leave In The Philippines

Paternity leave is granted to male employees who need time off from work to attend to his newborn and wife. This is seldom discussed (in my opinion) in the workplace and very few information is made available about it. Today, I am dedicating an entire blog article to paternity leaves in the Philippines and howContinue reading “All You Need To Know About Paternity Leave In The Philippines”

Can You Annul Your Marriage If You Find Out That Your Spouse Is Gay?

In the Philippines, the grounds for annulment are limited to the following (based on the Family Code): Lack of parental consent at the time of marriage (if the one or both parties was below 21 years old at the time of marriage) Psychological incapacity Fraud Force, intimidation, or undue influence Impotence Sexually transmissible diseases. BelieveContinue reading “Can You Annul Your Marriage If You Find Out That Your Spouse Is Gay?”

All You Need to Know About The PhilHealth Contribution Hike

Last May (2022), government employees’ PhilHealth contribution increased by 4% (for those earning a monthly basic salary of more than Php 10,000 but less than Php 80,000). This month (June), it’s private employees’ turn to adjust their budget as PhilHealth announced the increase in contributions. Whew! Below are the salient points of the announcement: TheContinue reading “All You Need to Know About The PhilHealth Contribution Hike”

All You Need to Know About Estate Tax in The Philippines

Did you know that when you inherit a property, you’d need to pay the estate tax (or inheritance tax) to transfer the property from the (deceased) owner’s name to yours? If you do not pay the estate tax, the property will not be transferred to your name and a certificate of title cannot be issuedContinue reading “All You Need to Know About Estate Tax in The Philippines”

Guidelines When Taking The Civil Service Examination

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has announced that they are now accepting applications for the August 7, 2022 Civil Service Exams. If you wish to apply for employment at a government agency, or are currently working as a contractual employee in one and wants to apply for a permanent item, this is your chance toContinue reading “Guidelines When Taking The Civil Service Examination”