Problems with NSO Birth Certificate: False Information on Child’s Birth Certificate

False Information on Child's Birth Certificate

Another common birth certificate problem encountered by Filipinos are erroneous declarations on the details of their birth, particularly details involving the parents.  Some parents declare that they are married at the time of their child’s birth, when in reality, they are not.  What they probably do not realize is that these false information will eventually surface and cause a huge deal of confusion in their public transactions.

Other false information that may be written on a child’s certificate of live birth are:

  • Date and place of marriage
  • Parent’s age at the time of the child’s birth
  • Citizenship of parents

Such is the case of Rodel who grew up under the care of his single mom, Rebecca.  His father, Danny, left for the U.S. when Rodel was barely a year old and has not returned since.  They communicate only through mail and occasional phone calls.  Danny sends him money and regular basic supplies from the U.S. and because of his help, Rodel is able to attend good schools in Manila.

When Rodel was about to graduate from high school, Danny came home for a visit and after 16 years, father and son met for the very first time.  He offered to petition Rodel so he can study and work in the U.S.; Rebecca readily agreed to let her son go so he can pursue his studies abroad.

While they were in the process of completing the documents required to file the petition, Rodel learned that his parents did not have a valid marriage certificate.  Although his birth certificate shows that his parents got married on Valentine’s Day in 1999, no other documents could support this claim.  When he asked his mother about it, she admitted the following:

Rebecca and Danny separated before Rodel turned one because Danny’s parents did not approve of Rebecca.  They were also minors when they had Rodel and for that reason, they could not get married to make their union legal.  They kept their relationship a secret, including Rebecca’s pregnancy and Rodel’s birth.

Being minors then and under so much pressure, they thought it wise to declare on their child’s birth certificate that they are married.  They also faked the years of their births to make it appear that they are of age already.  Danny’s parents took him the U.S. to take him as far away from Rebecca as possible, not knowing that he already has a child with her.  While Danny was in the U.S., he and Rebecca decided to set their relationship aside and just focus on raising Rodel and providing for his needs.  Danny lived up to his commitment with Rebecca that he will provide for all of their son’s needs.  They remained friends ever since and both remained single until this time.

In reality, Rodel is an illegitimate child, born to parents who were not legally allowed to marry when he was born.

With everything out in the open, Danny, Rebecca, and Rodel decided to consult a lawyer for advice on what they need to do in order to get their son’s civil registry documents straightened out.

These types of cases are not solved by merely filing a petition for clerical error.  It is not covered by R.A. 10172 (Act authorizing the city or municipal Civil Registrar to correct clerical or typographical errors in the day and month in the date of birth or sex on birth certificates).

If you have a similar problem with your birth certificate, you may consult the office of the LCR where your birth was registered.  You also have the option to take the matter to a lawyer for legal advice.




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13 thoughts on “Problems with NSO Birth Certificate: False Information on Child’s Birth Certificate

  1. Hi im desiree
    Problema ko is ang nakalagay sa psa ko is DINAH VALINTOS,kaso po ang pinagamit sa akin yung name ko sa simbahan DESIREE VALENTOS sa lahat .ano po gagawin ko.tnx po

  2. My daughter is illigitamate but we put a false date of marrage in here Nso birth certifacate what can i do about this?

    1. Hi Rhoda,

      Ang paglalagay ng maling impormasyon sa mga public documents ay isang krimen.

      Kayo ba ay ikinasal matapos ipanganak ang bata at matapos niyo siyang pinarehistro?

      Kakailanganin ninyo ang tulong ng isang abogado para mapa-correct ninyo ang maling impormasyon na naka sulat sa birth certificate ng anak ninyo.


      1. Hindi po. Ang magulang ang pinaka huling pipirma sa Certificate of Live Birth ng bata kaya ina-assume na binasa niya ang laman at pinabago na niya ang mga mali kung may mali man, bago niya ito pinirmahan.

  3. hi po miriam from bukidnon my problem is ang anak ko sa una ay naregister ko sa pangalang melanie Amor revira gregorio noon nagkaasawa aq nelate register nmin xa sa apelyedo ng asawa ko now ang mga doc nya is sa asawa kna nkakuha din xa sa nso sa bc nya ngaun kumuha ulet xa ng bc sa psa na ung date ang lumalabas n ung gregorio ano gagawin ko

    1. Mali kasi yung ginawa nyong proseso. Bakit mo siya pian late register na gamit uyng surname ng husband mo ngayon eh hinid naman yata siya ang biological father nung bata? Dapat jan adoption.

  4. Good day po! Yung case po kase ng akin is ganito, since elem hanggang college dala.dala ko po is pelyido ng father ko and netong graduation na po kumuha ako ng nso ko nakalagay pala dun is pelyido ng mother ko and worst po is naka e.state pa dun na “not married” parents ko (which is “married” dapat) kase kasal naman na sila nung pinanganak ako. Ma’am/sir ano po kaya pweding gawin para malipat pelyido ko sa father ko. Lahat po kase ng docs ko is pelyido ng tatay ko nakalagay except lang po talaga sa Nso. And hindi po ako makapag apply for board kase hindi magkatugma ang nso tsaka tor ko. Salamat po in advance sa response, it will be a big help for me. Godbless!

  5. Hi johnson of pangasinan,ang birthdate q po ay april 6,1983,ung din po gamit q s sss,pagibig,philhealth,nbi,id’s,etc.,pti po s lcr at bftismal q un dn nklgay,pro s nso po ay june 6,1983.Anu po b dapat q gawin?maraming salamat po.

    1. Hi Johnson,

      Corrections for Month and Date fall under RA 9048 and are considered clerical errors. You may file a Petition for Correction at the LCR where birth was registered.


  6. hi po. maureen labendia po ng tondo manila tanung ko lng po ung birth ng ang sbi asawa ko galing munisipyo nila sa surigao del sure. pwede ko po bha iparegister d2 sa NSO kc po hindi nmin mgamit sa SSS ng pile kmi ng sicklive nya. ang sabi iparehistro dw nmin sa NSO. pwede po bha yun? maaming salamat po.

    1. Hi Maureen,

      Kailangan yung LCR ng Surigao Del Sur ang mag submit ng certificate of birth sa NSO. Hindi pwedeng yung owner ang mag hand carry papuntang NSO. Sabihan niyo ang munisipyo na ipa certifiy na sa NSO ung birth certificate.


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