Passport Application for Minors: No Birth Certificate and Not Accompanied by Parents During Application

3 Mar 12

The sooner you are able to secure a passport for your child, the easier for you to take him on trips overseas and make traveling a part of his formative years.  A passport is also a valid ID that your child must have while growing up.  There are, however, cases when getting a passport for a child may prove to be challenging, especially when important documents are missing or when his parents could not personally appear before the DFA during the child’s passport appointment.

This week’s series on the passport application for minor children shall include the required documents for the following cases:

  1. The child has no PSA Birth Certificate or Report of Birth yet.
  2. The child is not accompanied by the parent/s during the application process.
  3. The child is not traveling with the parent/s.
  4. The child is an illegitimate child in custody of the mother.
  5. The child is illegitimate and the mother is deceased/absent and the father is unknown.
  6. The child has undergone the process of domestic adoption.
  7. The child is undergoing or has undergone the process of foreign adoption/Inter-Country Adoption Board (ICAP) adoption process.
  8. The child is a foundling and NOT for adoption.

Visit us every day to get the complete list of additional supporting documents and acceptable valid IDs that the DFA will require in case your child falls under any of the above-mentioned cases.  The lists were lifted from the website.  If you missed the general or core requirements for minor child’s application, you can read our article on that topic here.

 Remember that you have to have fulfilled the Core Requirements before you work on the supporting documents that correspond to your child’s case.

What are the Supporting Documents when:

  1. The child has no PSA Birth Certificate/Report of Birth
  • If born in the Philippines:
    • Submit a Certified True Copy of the Local Civil Registrar (LCR) Birth Certificate authenticated by the PSA.
  • If born abroad:
    • Submit an original copy of the child’s Report of Birth or first endorsement from the Consular Records Division.
  1. The child is not accompanied by the parent/s during the application process,
  • The applicant must submit a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) executed by the parent/s designating the minor’s companion to assist in the application process.  The SPA must be authenticated by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate if executed abroad.
  • A Passport or a valid government-issued ID of the authorized adult companion.
  • The SPA or Affidavit of Support and Consent must have a copy of the parent/s valid ID and/or passport attached.

Tomorrow we shall feature the required supporting documents inc as the child is not traveling with the parents and if the child is illegitimate and is in the custody of the mother.

See you again tomorrow!



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