What To Do When Your Name Gets a “Hit” at the NBI

2 Feb 04 (1)

Apart from your PSA birth certificate, another common application requirement by both government and private establishments is your NBI clearance.  This can be used as:

  • proof of identity;
  • a supporting document when making changes in legal documents;
  • a requirement for local or overseas employment.

Every Filipino will, at some point, have to secure a clearance from the NBI to prove that he does not have any pending criminal or administrative cases.  However, not all applicants are immediately granted a clearance.  When an applicant’s name comes up as having a ‘hit’, his clearance will be suspended and his application will be escalated for further verification.

What do you do when your name gets a ‘hit’ at the NBI?

When your name gets a ‘hit’, it means that you or another person who has the same first and last name as you have a pending criminal case.  According to the NBI, the possible reasons for a ‘hit’ are the following:

  1. You have a pending criminal or administrative case before the court, the Ombudsman, the Sandigan Bayan, or any administrative or quasi-judicial body.
  2. Another person with the same name as yours has a pending or ongoing case.
  3. You have a previous criminal or administrative case and the status has not been updated yet.
  4. A government agency has requested your NBI clearance to be held.

Don’t panic (assuming you really do not have any criminal or administrative offense!).  If this happens, you will be advised by the NBI to return after eight to 10 working days to claim your NBI clearance.

What happens next?

Depending on the results of NBI’s verification of your ‘hit’, you may be required to undergo the NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview.  This is done at the NBI Clearance main office.

Basically, your identity will be verified through questions that will be asked of you personally.  This may include your recent whereabouts, your business engagements or any transactions you had with the government, and other important information.

Things to remember when undergoing the NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview:

  1. Do not panic. This is a routine interview you need to pass.
  2. Arrive on time and dressed appropriately for the interview. Avoid wearing sando, slippers, shorts, and tattered jeans. Ladies are discouraged from wearing tank tops, blouses or dresses that are too revealing, shorts, and slippers.
  3. Bring two valid IDs. Ask the NBI for a list of the IDs they accept. Your government-issued IDs are highly advisable: driver’s license, PRC license, Postal ID, etc.
  4. Bring your NBI clearance receipt.

What to expect during the interview:

  1. You will be asked questions that will help the NBI verify your identity.
  2. After the interview, you will be given an Affidavit of Denial that you have to fill out.
  3. Take an oath with the NBI Clearance Resident Lawyer.
  4. Have your Affidavit of Denial notarized and then hand it over to the NBI staff who interviewed you.
  5. You will now be provided with the date and time when your NBI clearance will be released.
  6. Proceed to the Printing and Releasing section to claim your NBI clearance.

If you have other questions regarding getting an NBI clearance, you may call their helpdesk at 02-526-1294 or 02-523-8231 local 5499.

Source: https://grit.ph/nbi-clearance/

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  1. Hndi poh ako makakuha ng nbi may kaso kapagalang qoh pano poh un kailangan qoh poh ng NBI peace tulong naman poh

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