Two Ways To Renew Your NBI Clearance

Your NBI clearance is good for one year from the date it was issued. There are two ways you can renew it, depending on the urgency of your need for one. Read this. Renew via the NBI CLEARANCE QUICK RENEWAL. No online appointment necessary No need to visit an NBI Clearance Center to claim yourContinue reading “Two Ways To Renew Your NBI Clearance”

What To Do When Your Name Gets a “Hit” at the NBI

Apart from your PSA birth certificate, another common application requirement by both government and private establishments is your NBI clearance.  This can be used as: proof of identity; a supporting document when making changes in legal documents; a requirement for local or overseas employment. Every Filipino will, at some point, have to secure a clearanceContinue reading “What To Do When Your Name Gets a “Hit” at the NBI”