Two Ways To Renew Your NBI Clearance

Your NBI clearance is good for one year from the date it was issued. There are two ways you can renew it, depending on the urgency of your need for one. Read this. Renew via the NBI CLEARANCE QUICK RENEWAL. No online appointment necessary No need to visit an NBI Clearance Center to claim yourContinue reading “Two Ways To Renew Your NBI Clearance”

Updated Guide On How To Get An NBI Clearance 2021

Do you need an NBI clearance but not sure how to go about the process because of the ever-changing quarantine protocols? I checked the latest updates right on the NBI website and I am sharing my research here today. Take note that like a lot of other government agencies and offices, the NBI now requiresContinue reading “Updated Guide On How To Get An NBI Clearance 2021”

What Are The Differences Between an NBI Clearance, Police Clearance, and Barangay Clearance

Have you ever been asked to secure and submit a copy of your NBI clearance, Police clearance, and Barangay clearance, or any one of the three? These documents are commonly required when you are applying for a job, a loan, or when securing a government-issued ID. Did you ever wonder why all three are oftenContinue reading “What Are The Differences Between an NBI Clearance, Police Clearance, and Barangay Clearance”

How to Apply for Government-issued IDs

I found this super helpful article in Rappler that I think will help this year’s high school and college graduates secure their government IDs and other documents that are required when applying for a job.  When I was a fresh graduate myself, I dreaded making trips to government offices because of the long lines andContinue reading “How to Apply for Government-issued IDs”

What To Do When Your Name Gets a “Hit” at the NBI

Apart from your PSA birth certificate, another common application requirement by both government and private establishments is your NBI clearance.  This can be used as: proof of identity; a supporting document when making changes in legal documents; a requirement for local or overseas employment. Every Filipino will, at some point, have to secure a clearanceContinue reading “What To Do When Your Name Gets a “Hit” at the NBI”

How to Get the Different Government-issued IDs Required by the DFA

In almost all of your transactions, whether with a government agency or a private corporation like banks, schools, and remittance centers, you will always be required to present a government-issued ID.  It doesn’t matter if you have a company ID, a school ID, or membership cards, agencies will always require you to present a government-issuedContinue reading “How to Get the Different Government-issued IDs Required by the DFA”

Ang SSS Kasambahay Law: Paano Mag Register at Ano ang mga Benepisyo

Mula nang ma-implement ang Kasambahay Law o Batas Kasambahay, ang mga namamasukan bilang kasambahay ay required nang mag register bilang miyembro ng SSS at nang sa ganun ay ma-enjoy ang nararapat na SSS benefits tulad ng ibang empleyado. Nai-share natin dito noong 2013 ang mga detalye ng Kasambahay Law (maaaring basahin ang article dito ).Continue reading “Ang SSS Kasambahay Law: Paano Mag Register at Ano ang mga Benepisyo”

How to Apply for a UMID Card

The UMID Card, or the Unified Multi-Purpose ID card ay ang pinag-isang ID para sa SSS, GSIS, Pagibig, at Philhealth members.  It is considered a valid government-issued ID and is honored in all transactions with the four government agencies mentioned above. Madali lang mag apply for a UMID card and getting one is free ofContinue reading “How to Apply for a UMID Card”