No More Window Hours in Metro Manila’ Number Coding Scheme

3 Mar 28

If your car’s plate is on ‘coding’ for the day, you shall not be able to drive it anywhere until 8PM – no more window hours anywhere in the metro.

Before this was announced yesterday, car owners can still use their vehicles during the window hours in Malabon, San Juan, Manila, Valenzuela, Paranaque, and Pasig.  That means that between 10AM to 3PM (and 9AM to 4PM for Parañaque and Pasig), a ‘coded’ car can still be used in these areas and not get a ticket from the MMDA.  However, it has been observed that the window hours cause confusion among drivers; the proliferation of fake news about the number coding scheme in social media does not help either.  Some drivers even lose track of time and find themselves in the middle of the road long after the window hours have passed (and therefore, end up getting a ticket).  All these make Metro Manila’s traffic problem worse for everyone.

And so beginning March 26, 2019, all number coded cars will not be allowed on national roads and designated Mabuhay lanes from 7AM to 8PM, except for areas that do not implement the number coding scheme such as Marikina, Taguig, and Navotas.  No more window hours for everyone.

The MMDA is hopeful that the straightforward scheme will help decongest main thoroughfares in Metro Manila.  Seen to greatly benefit from the new directive are the North Avenue and Commonwealth areas in Quezon City where major road works for the MRT are in full swing.

Meanwhile, the following types of vehicles are exempted from the number coding scheme:

  • Emergency vehicles (ambulances, police mobiles, fire trucks)
  • Government vehicles
  • Medical practitioners with valid emergency
  • Motorcycles



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