Reminders and Guidelines for End of School Year Rites for SY 2018-2019

3 Mar 27

Is my child graduating or only moving up?  Does the school have the right to withhold my child’s report card and diploma because I did not allow him to join the field trip?  What proofs of completion do I need in order for my Grade 6 child to join the graduation ceremony?

These are just some of the questions that were answered by the Department of Education when they released DepEd Order No. 002 last February, setting the guidelines to be observed by both private and public schools, as they close the current school year.  The answers to most parents’ questions about fees, requirements, and other items related to the closing of the school year can be found here.

  1. For school year (SY) 2018-2019, the Department of Education announces the conduct of the following End-of-School-Year (EOSY) rites:
Grade Level Completers Ceremony Proof of Completion
Kindergarten Moving up or Completion Kindergarten Certificate (Enclosure No. 1)
Grade 6 Graduation Elementary Certificate (Enclosure No. 2)
Grade 10 Moving Up or Completion Junior High School Certificate (Enclosure No. 3)
Grade 12 learners from:

a. Schools with DepEd-approved K to 12 transition plan.

b. Schools with permit to operate Senior High School since 2014.

c. International Schools with K to 12 Program.

Graduation Senior High School Diploma (Enclosure No. 4)
  1. In line with the government’s austerity program, DepEd reiterates the following policies:
  • Graduation rites should be simple but meaningful to encourage civil rights, a sense of community, and personal responsibility. These should be conducted without excessive spending, extravagant attire, or extraordinary venue;
  • Moving up or Completion Ceremonies should be simple, involving only the learners, their parents, and the school;
  • Nonacademic projects such as attendance to field trips, film showing, Junior-Senior promenade, and other school events should not be imposed as requirements for graduation or completion.
  1. For public schools:

Expenses relative to the activity should be charged to the school Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses subject to existing guidelines.  No DepEd personnel shall be allowed to collect any kind of contribution or fee for graduation/moving up/completion ceremony.

For more information, you may contact the Bureau of Learning Delivery Teaching and Learning Division at (02) 638-4799 and (02) 687-2948.



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