10 Senior Citizen Privileges We Still Didn’t Know

5 May 08-1

I have senior citizen parents and aunts and uncles that is why I am so used to the proverbial senior citizen discounts that they demand from food establishments we frequent during weekends and holidays.  They could get too demanding sometimes, mind you.  But little did I know that there are still a lot of other privileges that our senior citizen family members are rightfully entitled to, except most of them (and us!) are still unaware of these.

I did a quick research and found some helpful materials online. I am sharing the list of senior citizen privileges that most of us probably still didn’t know; please make sure you share this with your family and friends too.

  1. Free medical and dental services.

This includes diagnostic and laboratory fees such as x-rays, computerized tomography scans (CT Scans) and blood tests in all government facilities.  This also includes free vaccinations against influenza and pneumococcal disease for indigent senior citizen patients.

  1. Free parking in Quezon City Malls

My aunt, who frequents SM Fairview, told me about this. At 63 years old, she drives herself to the gym at least three times a week and never had to pay for parking fees.  All she has to do is flash her Senior Citizen ID to the guard and they let her pass.  Other malls follow the first three hours policy for seniors so make sure you ask the parking attendant to avoid confusion.

  1. Educational Scholarship

Should a senior citizen decide to pursue his education, he or she may be granted a scholarship, financial aid, subsidies, and other incentives.  This is available to senior citizens that are able to meet minimum admission requirements for secondary, tertiary, post tertiary, vocational, or technical education, as well as short-term courses in a public or private school.

  1. 5% discount on Water and Electric Bills

This is applicable when the utilities are registered in the name of the senior citizen and that the monthly consumption does not exceed 100 kWh for electricity and 30m’ for water.  The privilege is granted per household, not per senior citizen residing in the address.

  1. Tax Exemption

Senior citizens are entitled to Income Tax exemption for as long as he or she is a minimum wage earner in accordance with RA 9504.

  1. Air and Sea Transportation Fee Discounts

Apart from discounts on land transportation travel in public utility vehicles such as buses, jeepneys, taxis, trains, and AUVs, a senior citizen is also entitled to discounts on air and sea fares.  This includes airlines such as Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines.

  1. Death Benefit Assistance, Social Pension, and PhilHealth Coverage.

The DSWD grants a social pension to indigent senior citizens in the amount of Php 500.00 every month.  All senior citizens are also mandatorily covered by PhilHealth and are considered automatic members, entitled to the same privileges as regular contributing members of the PhilHealth.

A senior citizen is entitled to discounts on funeral and burial services, to be claimed by his or her beneficiary or any person who shall shoulder the funeral and burial expenses of the deceased senior citizen.

  1. Free movies.

We will feature the list of free movie day schedules per city in Metro Manila in our upcoming blogs.  In Quezon City, senior citizens can watch up to two movies for free every Monday and Tuesday.

  1. Express Lanes

Supermarkets, hotels, and even public restrooms provide express lanes for senior citizens for their convenience.

  1. Discounts in hotels and recreational places

Amusement parks such as Enchanted Kingdom and Star City provide discounts to senior citizens even if these are not considered basic necessities.  They can also get discounts to as much as P600 to P1,800 in hotels.


RA No. 9994 (https://www.lawphil.net/statutes/repacts/ra2010/ra_9994_2010.html)





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