Guide to the OFW’s Philhealth Membership Part 1

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Even while employed in a foreign country, Filipinos must be registered under the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation or PhilHealth and pay their contributions regularly.  Medical emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere: to the OFW member or his dependents.  The only way you can fight against the added stress of going through these emergency cases is the security of a medical insurance.

In this 2-part series, we are going to share all the important details that OFWs need to know about becoming a Phillhealth member and the how they can keep their account updated even while they are out of the country.  From membership registration to availing benefits, we got all the information right here.

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  1. Fill out a PhilHealth Member Registration Form (PMRF) with your information. You may ask for a copy of the form from any Local Health Insurance Office (LHIO) or download it at Submit the accomplished form to any PhilHealth office or at the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA)

Seafarers may submit their PMRF to their HR Department or to their manning agency.

OFWs may declare the following as their dependents:

  • Legal spouse who is not a PhilHealth member;
  • Children below 21 years old, unemployed, and not married;
  • Children who are 21 years old and above and are physically or mentally handicapped;
  • Foster children based on the Foster Child Care Act of 2012;
  • Parents who are 60 years old or older and are not PhilHealth members;
  • Parents who are permanently incapacitated/disabled.

A completely filled-out PMRF is all you need to register as a PhilHealth member.  No need for other documents unless PhilHealth requires further verification of your personal information.

  1. Pay your contributions regularly.
  2. The OFW member will be provided with a Health Insurance ID Card with his permanent PhilHealth Identification Number (PIN), and Member Data Record (MDR).

Online Registration Option

Since OFWs cannot physically visit PhilHealth offices in the Philippines, they have the option to submit their membership applications online or by sending an email to PhilHealth.  Here’s how:

For Membership Registration:

  1. Send your duly accomplished PhilHealth Member Registration Form (PMRF) to
  2. PhilHealth will send your Member Data Record (MDR) with your PhilHealth identification number through email. You may also request for a Health Insurance ID Card from any Local Health Insurance Office (LHIO) of PhilHealth.

To Update your MDR:

  1. Send your duly accomplished PMRF with the corresponding updates on your information. Do not forget to tick the check box beside “FOR UPDATING” that is found at the upper part of the PMRF.
  2. You will receive a copy of your updated MDR through email.


How much should your contributions be?

1.For Migrant Workers (OFWs) (documented and undocumented):

Beginning January 2014, the premium contribution is Php 2,400.00 for a year.  You have the option to pay two years in advance or base it on the number of years stated in your employment contract, but must not exceed 5 years.

2. For Migrant Workers / OFWs (seafarers) who are under manning agencies in the Philippines:

Monthly Salary Range Total Monthly Premium Rate Employee Share Employer Share
Php8,999.99 and below Php200 Php100 Php100
Php9,000 up to Php34,999.00 2.5% 1.25% 1.25%
Php35,000.00 and up Php875.00 Php437.50 Php437.50

You also have the option to check the complete contribution schedule at

Where can you pay your contributions?

  • PhilHealth Local Health Insurance Offices (LHIOs)
  • POEA One-Stop-Shop
  • At the following PhilHealth Accredited Collecting Agents who have tie-ups abroad:
    • Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP)
    • Philippine Veterans Bank (PVB)
    • Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP)
    • I-Remit, Inc.
    • Ventaja International Corporation
    • Bank of Commerce
    • Asia United Bank
  • You may also request your family and relatives to  visit any PhilHealth office to pay for your contributions.

The second part of our feature article will focus on the benefits and services that every OFW PhilHealth member and their dependents are entitled to.

If you have further questions about PhilHealth membership, you may call their hotline at 02-441-7442.


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