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Like your savings deposits in your bank, you also have the option to withdraw your contributions from the Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) or Pag-IBIG.  Each member has the right to refund their total accumulated savings or TAV, which includes their monthly savings, employer share, and total annual dividend earnings.

There are, however, certain criteria that a Pag-IBIG member needs to satisfy before he is deemed eligible to withdraw his contributions.

Find out how a member can qualify for Pag-IBIG fund withdrawal and the requirements when requesting for a refund.  Read on!

What are the criteria for membership termination and refunding of Pag-IBIG contributions?

A. Membership Maturity

  • Member must have at least 240 monthly membership contribution.
  • Pag-IBIG Overseas Program (POP) members should have accumulated 4, 10, 15, or 20 years contributions depending on the option chosen upon membership registration.

B. Retirement

  • Member must be at least 65 years old – the mandatory retiring age.
  • Optional retirement may be availed due to the following circumstances:
    • Actual retirement from the SSS, the GSIS, or a separate employer provident/ retirement plan, provided the member has at least reached age 45.

C. Permanent Total Disability or Insanity

  • Temporary total disability lasting continuously for more than 120 days;
  • Complete loss of sight of both eyes;
  • Loss of two limbs at or over the ankle or wrist;
  • Permanent complete paralysis of two limbs;
  • Brain injury resulting in incurable imbecility or insanity; and
  • Such other cases which are adjudged to be total and permanent disability by a duly licensed physician and approved by the Board of Trustees.

D. Termination from service by reason of health.

E. Permanent departure from the country.

F. Death

The benefits will be divided among the member’s legal heirs in accordance with the New Civil Code as amended by the New Family Code.

Requirements when claiming your Pag-IBIG Fund Refund

  1. Application for Provident Benefits Claim
  2. Pag-IBIG Transaction Card and one (1) valid ID card with photo and signature of claimant.
    • If the Pag-IBIG Transaction Card is not available, two (2) valid ID cards with photo and signature of claimant.
  3. Service Records (for government employees only).
  4. Statement of Service (for AFP)

Additional Requirements depending on reason for claim:


  1. PSA Certified True Copy of Member’s Death Certificate 
  2. Notarized Proof of Surviving Legal Heirs
  3. PSA Certified True Copy of Birth Certificate of all children or Baptismal / Confirmation Certificate (if with children).
  4. Notarized Affidavit of Guardianship (if with children below 18 years old, or if child/children is/are physically or mentally incompetent).
  5. To establish kinship with the deceased member, the claimant shall submit any one of the following:
    • PSA Certified Tru Copy of Member’s/Claimant’s Birth Certificate
    • PSA Certified True Copy of Non-availability of Birth Record and Notarized Joint Affidavit of Two (2) Disinterested Persons.
    • Certified True Copy of Member’s / Claimant’s Baptismal / Confirmation Certificate.
    • If member is single, Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR).
    • If member is married, PSA Certified True Copy of Member’s Marriage Contract and Advisory on Marriage.


  1. PSA Certified True Copy of Birth Certificate
  2. PSA Certified True Copy of Non-availability of Birth Record and Notarized Joint Affidavit of Two Disinterested Persons.
  3. Notarized Certificate of Early Retirement (for private employees only, at least 45 years old).
  4. GSIS Retirement Voucher (for government employees).
  5. Order of Retirement (for AFP).

Permanent Total Disability or Insanity / Termination from the Service by Reason of Health

Physician’s Certificate / Statement (with clinical or medical abstract).

Permanent Departure from the Country

  1. Photocopy of Passport with Immigrant Visa / Residence Visa / Settlement Visa or its equivalent.
  2. Notarized Sworn Declaration of Intention to Depart from the Philippines Permanently (no need to submit if already based abroad).

Procedure on how to claim refund:

  1. Visit the nearest Pag-IBIG Fund office in your area.
  2. Present your ID to a Pag-IBIG staff and inquire about fund withdrawal.
  3. Your Pag-IBIG account will be verified for any applied or outstanding housing loan or short-term loan.
  4. You will be advised to secure your application for Provident Benefits Claim after verification.
  5. Submit your application form and get your claim stub with the date when refund check is ready for pick-up.

You may request for your TAV print out by visiting the nearest Pag-IBIG office or by sending them an email at contactus@pagibigfund.gov.ph.

Source: www.pagibigfund.gov.ph

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Getting married is a once-in-a-lifetime event and all brides-to-be want nothing less than a perfect wedding day.  From the weather, to the place of ceremony, to the littlest of details in the bride’s wedding gown, everything should be flawless.  All because in the Philippines, you’re only supposed to marry once.

Over the years, weddings have become more and more elaborate, more detailed, and more personal.  From the basic white and ecru color motifs, couples have learned to be more bold and creative with their choices in colors, clothing, and quite recently, even the look and feel of the ceremony and reception areas.  Yes, weddings have become more fun and meaningful, yet it has also elevated the costs involved in achieving the desired “themes and motifs”, as wedding organizers would often say.

So how exactly do you plan, organize, and celebrate the perfect dream wedding without breaking the bank?  We researched on this topic and found quite a handful of information from wedding suppliers, organizers, and even brides themselves!  We are sharing everything that we’ve gathered so far and hope these could help you plan the perfect, yet not too expensive, wedding day for you.

  1. Choose the date and time.

According to wedding bloggers, you actually need to decide on the date and time before you even decide on the budget.  A wedding in June could be cheaper than a wedding in December or February since the latter months are considered by most businesses as peak months.

  1. Draft your entourage and guest list.

After you’ve confirmed the date, it is easier to list down the people you wish to be present on your wedding day, including and most importantly, your wedding entourage.  Save up on call toll charges by creating an online group chat or call them through the internet.

  1. Budget. Budget. Budget.

Now that you have a pretty good idea how many people will attend your big day, it is time to work on the wedding budget.  Before deciding how much you intend to spend, you would need to first discuss who will shoulder which expenses.

Filipino wedding traditions are very different from Western culture where the father of the bride shoulders majority, if not all, of the wedding expenses.  Filipino parents seldom shoulder their kids’ weddings unless extremely necessary.  If at all, it is the groom’s parents who share more in the wedding expenses than the bride’s.  Case in point: if you can’t afford your wedding yet, how do you plan to manage a lifelong marriage?

You will have to create a long list of items that need to be purchased, built, and sewn.  Keep in mind too that expenses do not end when you’ve made your way to the altar and exchanged “I dos”.  Your suppliers, drivers, relatives, and other people who will be helping out in your celebration need to be fed, sheltered, and dressed up too.  Prepare your petty cash for incidental expenses that are sure to crop up during the day itself.

  1. Finalize your booking for the ceremony and reception venue.

Weddings are commonly held during the dry months, beginning in December to the early weeks of June.  Top wedding destinations are the cool cities of Tagaytay, Batangas, and Baguio, while more adventurous couples are also keen on celebrating their union by the seashores of La Union, Boracay, Cebu, and Bohol.  The choices are endless and choosing could be fun except you have a budget and guests to consider.  Choose a venue that is not too far from where most of your guests will be coming from.  If you are on a tight budget, we suggest that you hold your ceremony and reception in the same place.  This cuts your expenses on rental fees, decorations, and travel by more than half.

  1. Book your wedding suppliers.

When choosing wedding suppliers, gather as much information from other newlyweds, relatives, and friends as you can.  This gives you first-hand information on the suppliers’ quality of service, negotiable rates, and other important details.  Remember, you do not need to “outsource” everything.  You can borrow, ask for, and create things on your own.  Wedding organizers were non-existent in the ‘80s and ‘90s but are now virtually indispensable.  If they were able to hold grand weddings in the past without the expensive services of a coordinator, why can’t you now?  Ask for your friends’ assistance and delegate assignments to your bride’s maids.  You’d be surprised to find out how much your “squad” wants to be part of your wedding preparations!

If you should spend (or splurge!) on suppliers, you’d be wise to focus on your caterer and photographers.  Your guests will remember your wedding more from the kind and quality of food you served and the candid and wacky photos they will be posting in social media.

And then again, if you have a brother who cooks mean dishes and friends who like to take beautiful photos, you can consider yourself one blessed woman!

  1. Save-the-dates and Wedding Invitations

If you can tap the limitless reach of social media to let everyone know when you’re getting married, use that.  Save-the-date cards add to your expenses and do not do much in ensuring that your guests will show up, so why bother?

While there are hundreds of wedding invitation suppliers who undoubtedly could come up with the most creative invitations for you, remember, you can easily copy a design online and print these yourself!  Invitations end up in people’s waste baskets or filed in a long forgotten shelf anyway, so why spend so much on these stuff?  Take a trip to the bookstore and channel the Martha Stewart in you.  Creating your wedding invitations could also be a good bonding opportunity with your mom, your sisters, and friends.

  1. Buying your wedding apparel.

Divisoria and Baclaran boast of designer quality fabrics that you can send to your trusty seamstress who can create lovely pieces for you and your groom.  If you are paying for your entourage’s gowns, then these two places in Manila are your best bets.  Buying off the rack is convenient but can be too pricey.  Also, expect to lose some weight (or gain some if you’re the type who eats when stressed) after all the stressful wedding preparations so having your gown done by a seamstress will prove to be more convenient when you need some adjustments  done before the big day (because having your gowns altered by designer stores cost money!).

  1. Wedding Permits, Licenses, and Seminars

Now these are the things your wedding suppliers, not even your expensive wedding coordinators, will remind you to accomplish.  Ironically, all your pricey wedding preparations will go to waste if you fail to secure the necessary documents for getting married.

First, you need to secure a Marriage License.  Keep in mind that a marriage license is only valid for 120 days.

Also, secure copies of your PSA birth certificates and CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage).  Check your documents for spelling errors and other inaccuracies.

Attend required seminars and retreats (required by either your parish or your municipality) and secure the necessary certifications.  These requirements vary per municipality and parish.

Word of the wise: Accomplish all permits, documents, and seminars yourselves, do not hire the services of fixers no matter how busy you think you are.

  1. Account your expenses

Keep a journal of your expenses and mark off all items that have been paid off and those that will be settled at a later date.  Keep track of your checks, receipts, acknowledgments, and other proofs of payment to avoid confusion and unnecessary expenses.

  1. Hold a pre-wedding gathering of your entourage and suppliers.

It does not have to be fancy; you just need to get them together to ease any tension and encourage coordination.  This is best done a week before the big day.  Include a rehearsal of sorts just to fine tune each person’s responsibility and involvement in the occasion.

Remember, you cannot achieve perfection so leave room for last-minute emergencies and allow your team some errors and oversights.  No matter how hard you prepare, something is bound to go wayward and it’s all part of the fun and excitement.

So enjoy the moment while it lasts.  You will soon realize that preparing for a wedding that lasts for a day pales in comparison to preparing for the marriage that is expected to last a lifetime.

Best wishes!

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Percy has been working as an Overseas Filipino Worker in South Korea for almost five years when he met Kim, a Korean national.  He expressed his desire to stay permanently in South Korea and work without the need for contracts with a Philippine agency.  Upon learning this, Kim offered Percy a deal: for 500,000 SKW, Kim will marry Percy so he can gain legal residency in South Korea.  

Percy readily agreed to the deal.  But instead of celebrating the marriage in South Korea, both of them decided to come to the Philippines and get married before a judge in Manila.  In less than two months, Kim and Percy were married.

Unfortunately upon their return to South Korea, Percy was diagnosed with tuberculosis and was advised by his doctor to refrain from doing hard labor.  He found it difficult to find a job without a valid medical clearance that is required in most office jobs in the city.  In the end, he and Kim decided it would be best for Percy to stay in the Philippines while he undergoes treatment for his condition.

Back home, Percy realized that living permanently abroad may not be a good idea after all.  Given his condition, he would rather be around his family who are ready and willing to take care of him while he is ill.  He called Kim and told her that he will no longer be coming back to South Korea.  Since Kim already received Percy’s full payment for their deal, she simply agreed with his decision and wished him well.

A few years later, Percy reunited with his childhood sweetheart and in a few months, both of them decided to get married.  Thinking that his ‘marriage for convenience’ with Kim was invalid anyway, he went ahead and began preparing for his wedding.  When he requested for a copy of his CENOMAR, he received a copy with the details of his previous marriage with Kim.

Apparently, a ‘marriage for convenience’ is valid for as long as it satisfied all the legal requisites of marriage.  Both he and Kim were of legal age when they presented themselves before the judge, they were able to present all the required documents, and the marriage was celebrated by a duly authorized solemnizing officer.

Pero hindi naman namin mahal ang isa’t isa nung nagpakasal kami.  Pinakasalan ko lang siya dahil sa citizenship ko sa South Korea.

According to the Family Code of the Philippines, the possibility that the parties in a marriage might have no real intention to establish a life together is insufficient grounds to nullify the union.  Therefore, even if the reason for Percy and Kim’s wedding was merely for him to gain permanent residency in South Korea, Philippine laws still recognize their marriage as binding and legal.

Given all these, Percy might find it difficult to build a case for annulment against Kim.

This case is also applicable if the wedding between a foreign national and a Filipino was held abroad – for as long as all legal requisites in that country were fulfilled and the marriage was recognized as valid, Philippine laws will also consider the marriage valid and legal, even if the reason for getting married is merely for convenience.

There is no convenient way to end a marriage for convenience.





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A common requirement when travelling abroad are DFA-authenticated IDs and documents.  Whether you are traveling as a tourist, an overseas worker, or an exchange student, you will be required to have certain supporting documents “red-ribboned” by the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Here is a summary of the processes and requirements involved when having your documents authenticated.  Certain agencies handle the submission of the documents for authentication to the DFA.  For easier reference, we separated the documents that need to be hand-carried by the applicant to the DFA and those that will be handled by the agency.

General Procedure:

Step 1: Fill out an application form.

Step 2: Present a valid ID upon submission of the documents to the Processing Window.

Step 3: Pay appropriate Authentication Fees:

a. Php 100 / document (4 days processing)

b. Php 200 / document (1 day processing)

Step 4: Return the Duplicate copy of the receipt to the Processing Window.

Step 5: Claim the Authenticated document on the release date; simply present the machine-validated receipt at the releasing window.

Requirements for Authentication of Documents: APPLICANTS TO HAND-CARRY THESE DOCUMENTS TO THE DFA

  1. Birth / Marriage / Death Certificate and Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR).
    • Certificates must be in Security Paper issued by the PSA or must have been certified / authenticated by the PSA.
    • Local Civl Regsitrar (LCR) copy of Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, or Death Certificate may be required in cases when entries on the PSA copy are unreadable.
  2. Transcript of Records (TOR) and Diploma (For State Colleges and Universities)
    • Certified True Copies from the school
    • Secure Certificate of Authentication and Verification (CAV) from the school signed by the School/University Registrar.
  3. Form 137 and Diploma (High School and Elementary Level)
    • Certified True Copies from the school
    • School Principal’s Certification
    • Division Superintendent’s endorsement to Dep-Ed Regional Office
    • Certification (CAV) from Dep-Ed Regional Office
  4. Certificate of Employment / Trainings / Seminars, Baptismal Certificate and other documents issued by a private entity.
    • Applicant must first secure an affidavit, stating necessary factual circumstances and indicating certificates as annex or attachment.
    • Affidavit must be notarized.
    • Applicant must secure Certificate of Authority for a Notarial Act (CANA) signed by the Executive Judge or Vice Executive Judge from the Regional Trial Court which issued the commission of the Notary Public. (Copy of Notarial Commission is not the same as Certificate of Authority for a Notarial Act).
  5. Other Notarized Documents (Special Powers of Attorney (SPA) / Affidavit of Consent / Invitation / Guarantee / MOA, etc.)
    • After document is notarized, applicant must secure Certificate of Authority for a Notarial Act (CANA) signed by the Executive Judge or Vice Executive Judge from the Regional Trial Court which issued the commission of the Notary Public.
  6. Court Decisions / Resolutions / Orders
    • Applicant must present certified true copies of the decision, resolution, or order.
    • Applicant must secure copy of specimen signature of the court personnel who signed the certified copies from the Office of Administrative Services (Supreme Court – located beside PGH).
    • Applicant may be required to submit annotated marriage certificate in cases regarding decision of finality of annulment.
  7. Immigration Records
    • Certified / Authenticated by the Bureau of Immigration (BI).
  8. DSWD Clearances
    • Travel Clearances for minors directly issued by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).
  9. NBI Clearances
    • NBI Clearances for travel abroad must be issued by the National Bureau of Investigation (Green).
  10. Police Clearances
    • Police Clearance signed by the Chief of Police issued by the Philippine National Police in various police stations nationwide, usually by the police precinct which has jurisdiction over the applicant’s place of residence or applicant may opt to secure police certification from Camp Crame.
  11. Barangay Clearances
    • Clearances issued by the barangay which has jurisdiction over the applicant’s place of residence and must have been authenticated by the office of the Mayor which has jurisdiction over the barangay.
  12. Export Documents
    • Must be authenticated by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce (PCCI), the Department of Health (DOH), Department of Agriculture (DA), or by the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD), depending on the nature of the document
  13. Business Registration and Other Documents issued by a Government Agency (e.g. SEC, DTI, BIR, Municipal Business Permit and Licensing Office, etc.)
    • Secure certified true copy from the issuing office.
  14. Foreign Documents
    • A Philippine Embassy or Philippine Consulate General in the country from where the document originated or by the said country’s Embassy or Consulate General based in the Philippines must have authenticated these documents.


The applicant will be issued a claim stub which he needs to bring to the DFA when claiming his authenticated document.

  1. Transcript of Records (TOR) and Diploma (Collegiate Level)
    • Certified True Copies from the school.
    • Secure Certificate of Authentication and Verification (CAV) from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).
  2. Transcript of Records (TOR) and Diploma (Technical or Vocational Courses)
    • Certified True Copies from the school
    • Secure Certificate of Authentication and Verification (CAV) from Technical Education and Skills Development Authority or TESDA.
  3. Medical / AIDS Free Certificate
    • Authenticated by the Department of Health (DOH) and applicable only for use to the following countries:
      • Spain
      • Palau
      • Libya
      • Oman
      • Cuba
      • Portugal
      • Greece
      • Cyprus
      • Angola
  4. Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) issued licenses.
    • Authenticated by CAAP
  5. Driver’s Licenses
    • Applicant must first secure certification from Land Transportation Office (LTO Main Branch only).
  6. Professional Licenses / Board Certificates / Board Ratings / Certifications
    • Certified True Copies must be authenticated by  Professional Regulations Commission (PRC).

All unclaimed authenticated documents will be disposed of by the DFA after three months so make sure to claim your documents on the date reflected on your claim stub.

Source: http://dfa.gov.ph/procedures

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Parents who have children born before they were married can have their children legitimized by executing an Affidavit of Legitimation.  This must be submitted to the Office of the Civil Registrar of the child’s birthplace.  Court decrees, on the other hand, are legal instruments concerning the status of a person such as Admission of Paternity, Legitimation, Affidavit to Use the Surname of the Father (AUSF), and the like.

Registration of court decrees as well as requests for CTCs of annulment, adoption, correction of entry, change of name, presumptive death, and the like are handled at Counter 7 of the Quezon City Hall.  On the other hand, Court Decrees with finality and annotation as well as Legitimation papers must be submitted to Counter 15.

The following are the requirements when filing for Legitimation at the Quezon City Hall as well as the fees to be paid for other cases such as annulment of marriage, adoption, etc.

Requirements for Legitimation:

  1. Joint Affidavit of Legitimation signed by both parents.
  2. Certified True Copy of Marriage Contract
  3. Certified True Copy of Birth Certificate
  4. Admission of Paternity/Acknowledgment of Father
  5. Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) from NSO.

Other requirements will be on a case-to-case basis.  Allow two to four working days as processing time; you will be given a claim stub for your filed request.

Registration Fees:

  1. Annulment of marriage – PHP 500.00
  2. Correction of entry or change of name – PHP 400.00
  3. Per registration of supplementary reports or documents as additional data – PHP 100.00
  4. Legalization of Aliens – PHP 500.00
  5. Local Adoption – PHP 1,000.00
  6. Legitimation – PHP 400.00
  7. Foundling – PHP 500.00
  8. Naturalization – PHP 1,000.00
  9. Foreign Adoption – PHP 1,000.00
  10. Repatriation – PHP 1,000.00
  11. Presumptive Death – PHP 1,000.00
  12. Per registration of other documents – PHP 300.00

Source: http://quezoncity.gov.ph/index.php/qc-services/requirements-a-procedures/261-civilregguide

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OWWA Benefits for Disabled OFWs


One of the most common questions we receive from our readers is regarding the benefits that an OFW may expect from the Overseas Workers’ Welfare Administration (OWWA) after they have lost their physical capacity to work abroad.  Similar with local private and government employees based in the country, an OFW must be protected by an insurance that will cover his and his family’s needs in the event that he could no longer perform his tasks as an OFW.  The OWWA handles this for Pinoys working on contract abroad.

Here are the lists of social benefits that OWWA members can look forward to as well as the documentary requirements needed when claiming these benefits.  These were lifted from the OWWA website as well as other online materials related to the subject:

What is OWWA?

The OWWA is an attached agency of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and a membership institution.  OFWs are encouraged to apply for membership at the OWWA.  They can either enroll through the POEA upon processing of their contract or as voluntary members while waiting for an opportunity to work abroad.  Each OWWA applicant pays a membership contribution of USD 25.00 to make their membership effective.

What are OWWA’s Benefits for Overseas Filipino Workers?

OWWA members are covered with life insurance for the duration of their employment contracts.

Disability and Dismemberment Benefit

A member shall be entitled to disability/dismemberment benefits ranging from Php 2,000.00 to Php 50,000.00 for partial disability.  In case of total permanent disability, a member is entitled to Php 100,000.00.

Death and Burial Benefits

Death benefits include Php 100,000 for deaths due to natural causes and Php 200,000.00 for death due to accident.  On top of the death benefit, the legal heirs shall also be entitled to Php 20,000 as funeral expense assistance.

What are the Requirements when Claiming these Benefits?

For Life Insurance, Disability, Dismemberment, and Burial Benefits:

  1. Passport (for land-based OFW), and Seaman’s Service Record Book (for Sea-based OFW).
  2. Certificate of Membership issued by the OWWA Membership Processing Center (MPC).
  3. OFW/Seaman’s undertaking executed by claimant (for Death Claim).

Documentary Requirements for Life Insurance Benefits:

  1. Original Death Certificate issued by LCR or Authenticated by Philippine Statistics Authority or Foreign Death Certificate for OFW who died abroad and accident report for death due to accident.
  2. Burial Permit
  3. Official receipt of funeral expenses.
  4. ID picture of claimant
  5. Any of the following applicable documents certified by LCR or PSA:
  6. In the absence of birth/marriage certificate, the following must be submitted:
    • Certificate from LCR that fact of marriage/birth is not recorded in the civil registry.
    • Baptismal/marriage certificate certified by the Parish priest/office.
    • Affidavit of two (2) disinterested persons re: facts of birth/marriage and claimant’s relationship to the deceased.

Documentary Requirements for Disability Benefit

  1. Foreign medical certificate
  2. Medical certificate issued by the local attending physician with medical examination procedure, (e.g. x-ray, MRI, CT scan)
  3. Accident report

Releasing requirements

Any 2 (original and valid copy) of the following:

  1. Passport
  2. Office ID
  3. Postal ID
  4. Driver’s License
  5. Original NBI clearance
  6. Senior Citizen’s ID







The central outlet office of the Philippine Statistics Authority (formerly NSO) in East Avenue, Quezon City has transferred to its new location in Sta. Mesa, Manila.  Their new address is Solicarel Building I and II, Ramon Magsaysay Boulevard, in Sta. Mesa near the LRT 2 Pureza Station.  You may now proceed to their new location for the issuance of civil registry documents such as Birth, Marriage, Death, and Certificate of No Marriage or CENOMAR.

The PSA also holds offices at the following locations:

  1. Pasay City – Hobbies of Asia, #8 Diosdado Macapagal Avenue
  2. Caloocan City – Caloocan City Hall, A. Mabini Street
  3. Makati City – Makati City Hall, J.P. Rizal Street, Poblacion
  4. Muntinlupa City – 2nd level, East Parking, Starmall, Alabang
  5. Pasig City – Pasig City Hall, Caruncho Avenue, Barangay San Nicolas

All PSA offices are open during weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 7:00AM to 4:00PM and on Saturdays from 8:00AM to 5:00PM.

You may also have your civil registry documents delivered to your preferred address through the PSAHelpline.ph website or by calling (02) 737 – 1111.  The documents will be delivered to you within 2 to 3 days without leaving your home or office.  Online payment options are also made available for everyone’s convenience and security.

Source: https://psa.gov.ph/content/transfer-psa-central-outlet-sta-mesa



We receive a lot of inquiries about the annotation of marriage certificates after the annulment has been handed down by the court.  Most couples think that the moment they receive the finality of the annulment, they are free to get married anytime.  They would soon realize that the process of annotating the marriage certificate and the CENOMAR of annulled couples take longer than most of us think.

So we conducted some research on this subject to find out what happens after the court has declared a marriage null and void.  How long do the parties need to wait before they can re-marry?

Find out here:

  1. Once the decision of nullity of marriage is received, the opponent/adverse counsel is given fifteen (15) days to file an appeal.  The fifteen (15) days is counted from the time the Decision is received by the Office of the Solicitor General.
  2. If no appeal is received, the Clerk of Court will issue a Certificate of Finality within three months from the date the decision was received by the Solicitor General.
  3. The Certificate of Finality and the Certified True Copies of the Decision of Nullity shall be forwarded to the Local Civil Registrar.  The LCR will issue an endorsement to the Philippine Statistics Authority or PSA (formerly NSO).
  4. The parties may request for the first annotated copies of their Marriage Certificate and CENOMAR from the PSA after one to two months from the time the papers were endorsed.

That is the reason why when you request for a copy of your MC or CENOMAR a few days or weeks after your annulment has been granted, you receive the old copy without any markings that your previous marriage has been annulled already.  Also, clarify with your lawyer if their services already include the facilitation of the annulment documents with the LCR.  Some firms do not include this in their services and the client is left wondering why their annulment papers never reached the LCR or the PSA.

Source: http://bit.ly/2dfiKXv


Manila City Hall_8

A marriage license is required of couples who intend to get married in a church or through civil rites.  It can be secured at the city or municipal hall where the marrying parties reside.  The marriage license may be used anywhere in the country and is valid for 120 days.

Here are the list of requirements and steps to follow when applying for a marriage license at the Manila City Hall.

What you need to bring:

 For applicants between 18 to 21 years old

  1.  Birth certificate
    • Latest certified local copy – if born in Manila
    • PSA birth certificate – if born outside Manila
    • Latest original copy of baptismal certificate if the applicant does not have a record of birth.
  2. Latest PSA Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR)
  3. Valid ID with address in Manila – bring the original copy and one photocopy
  4. Parental Consent (provided for under Article 14 of the Family Code of the Philippines)
    • Parent to appear at the Manila City Hall; bring a valid ID (original and photocopy)
    • Father, Mother, or Guardian – follow this order when one of the parents is not able to personally appear at the city hall.
    • Marriage Counseling – Manila Health Department and MSWD

For applicants between 21 to 25 years old

  1. The same requirements as for applicants between 18 to 21 years old:
  2. Parental Advice – Marriage license shall not be issued until after three months if parental advice is not obtained of if parents are not in favor of the marriage.  During the 3-month waiting period, the publication of the application shall be completed.  A sworn statement of the contracting parties must likewise be submitted indicating therein that the parents refuse to give advice.

For applicants above 25 years old

  1.  The same requirements as above:
  2. If the applicants are foreigners or former Filipino citizens but are now naturalized citizens of another country:
    • Passport – original and photocopy
    • Legal capacity to marry to be issued by their respective embassy in the Philippines.

If one of the applicants is a former Filipino citizen and a divorcee or foreign national formerly married to a Filipino, submit a Judicial Recognition of the absolute decree of divorce obtained abroad of his/her previous marriage.

Steps to follow:

  1. Request for an Order of Payment.
  2. Attend the seminar
    • For applicants 18 to 24 years old, proceed to Room 128-MHD and Room 108-MSWD
    • For applicants 25 years old and above, proceed to Room 128-MHD
    • A fee of Php 150.00 must be paid for the seminar.
  3. After the seminar, submit all documents to Ms Myrna Lopez at the counter for the application for Marriage Licenses.
  4. Marriage License will be released after 10 days.

Other reminders:

  1. If the applicants underwent a change in nationality, present naturalization papers/election of citizenship.
  2. If father is a foreigner and the mother is a Filipina, born from 1973 and earlier, please present an Affidavit of Citizenship.
  3. Please observe proper attire during oath-taking.  Avoid wearing shorts, sando, and slippers.

Source: http://manila.gov.ph/services/civil-registry/




In Sickness.jpg

Nagkakilala sina Robert at Malyn sa Isabela. Nagta-trabaho noon sa provincial hospital si Malyn bilang isang nurse habang hinihintay ang resulta ng application niya bilang caregiver sa London. Si Robert naman ay sundalo ng Philippine Army at nasa Isabela para sa isang operation.   Sa umpisa pa lang ay inamin na ni Robert ang kaniyang trabaho kay Malyn; na hindi siya pirmihan sa isang lugar at madalas ay isinasabak sila sa mga military operations kung saan hindi sila sigurado kung makakauwi pa silang buhay sa kanilang mga pamilya.

Hindi nagtagal at nagkapalagayan ng loob ang dalawa. Bago natapos ang unang taon ng assignment ni Robert sa Isabela, ipinakilala na ni Robert si Malyn sa kaniyang mga magulang, pati na ang plano nilang mag pakasal kapag pareho na silang naka ipon.

Masaya ang naging pagsasama nina Robert at Malyn hanggang sa dumating ang araw na kailangan nang bumalik ni Robert sa Manila para sa bago niyang assignment. Mahirap para kay Malyn na mahiwalay kay Robert lalo na’t alam niyang walang katiyakan ang kaligtasan nito sa kaniyang trabaho. Nangako naman si Robert na madalas siyang tatawag at mag-email kay Malyn para ma-update niya ito sa kaniyang kinaroroonan. At pag may pagkakataon, dadalawin niya itong muli sa Isabela.

Sinubukan ng dalawang mabuhay na magkahiwalay. Si Robert ay na-assign sa Mindanao habang si Malyn ay patuloy sa kaniyang trabaho sa Isabela. Mahirap sa umpisa ngunit sa kalaunan ay nasanay din sila. Pareho nilang pinanghahawakan ang pangarap na balang araw ay magpapakasal sila at hindi na kailanman mag hihiwalay. Tinupad naman ni Robert ang pangako niyang regular na dadalaw kay Malyn sa Isabela kapag wala siyang assignment.

Isang araw, nakatanggap ng tawag si Malyn mula sa commanding officer ni Robert. May naka engkwentro ang grupo nila Robert habang papunta sila sa isang liblib na barrio para maghatid ng relief goods. Isa si Robert sa mga malubhang nasugatan sa engkwentro at ngayon ay nasa ospital. Dali-daling nag pasya si Malyn na bumyahe papuntang Mindanao para makita ang kasintahan. Abot-abot ang dasal niyang sana ay abutan pa niya ito at maka-usap man lang.

Laking gulat ni Malyn nang pag dating niya sa ospital ay sinalubong siya ng mga kasamahan ni Robert sa military at sinabihang magbihis ng puting damit na naka handa na para sa kanya. Inayusan siya ng mga sundalong babae, nilagyan ng kaunting make-up, binigyan ng bouquet, at nilagyan ng simpleng belo sa ulo. Nais daw ni Robert na makasal na silang dalawa sa lalong madaling panahon, habang buhay pa siya at nakakapag salita pa.

Hindi mapigil ni Malyn ang maluha nang makita ang kalunos-lunos na sitwasyon ni Robert. Halos hindi makilala ang kaniyang mukha sa dami ng sugat nito. Hindi din niya maigalaw ang kaniyang mga binti dahil sa isang malalim na sugat sa kaniyang balakang. Kailangan pa daw ng therapy bago siya makalakad muli. May tubig din ang baga ni Robert at hirap siyang huminga. Nalaman ni Malyn na sa oras na hindi na kayanin ng baga ni Robert ang kumplikasyon, maaari siyang mamatay.

Ikinasal ng commanding officer sina Robert at Malyn sa ilalim ng tinatawag na Articulo Mortis. Ginagawa ito para sa mga katulad ni Robert na nasa bingit ng kamatayan ngunit nais na tuparin ang kaniyang pangakong pakakasalan ang kaniyang kasintahan. Wala nang panahon para mag submit sina Robert at Malyn ng mga papeles para sa pagpapakasal tulad ng CENOMAR, Birth Certificate, at marriage license. Ngunit dahil Articulo Mortis ang kanilang pagpapakasal, hindi na sila required mag submit nito.

Dalawang linggo matapos makasal, binawian na din ng buhay si Robert dahil sa mga kumplikasyon sa kanyang mga tinamong sugat. Ngunit namayapa siyang masaya dahil natupad niya ang ipinangako niyang kasal sa babaeng pinakamamahal niya.

Lumipad na din patungong London si Malyn para mag trabaho bilang isang nurse. Pinili niyang gamitin ang apelido ni Robert sa kaniyang passport at iba pang dokumento. Dala niya ang mga masasayang ala-ala nila ng kaisa-isang lalake na minahal niya at minahal siya hanggang kamatayan.

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