A Quick Guide for the 2016 Civil Service Examination


If you have plans of pursuing a career in government service, you need to take and pass the Civil Service Examination. Here are some tips that may help you pass the exam as well as the steps in taking the exam.

This year’s Civil Service Examination will be on April 17, 2016 while the deadline for filing of application will be on February 26, 2016 (Friday).

  1. Qualifications
    • You must be a Filipino Citizen.
    • You must be at least 18 years old.
    • You must not have any criminal record.
    • You must not have been dishonorably discharged from military service or dismissed from any position in the government.
    • You must have not taken the CSE for the same level within three months from last exam.
  2. Requirements
    1. Fully accomplished application form. This may be downloaded from the Civil Service Commission (CSC) website at www.csc.gov.ph. It may be photocopied on a legal sized bond paper.
    2. Four I.D. pictures in Philippine Passport size (1.8 x 1.4 inches).
    3. Original and photocopy of any valid I.D. such as:
      • Driver’s License
      • SSS ID
      • GSIS ID
      • Philhealth ID
      • Current company/office ID
      • Current school ID
      • Postal ID
      • BIR ID
      • Barangay ID
      • Voter’s ID
      • Valid Passport
      • Police Clearance
    4. Applicants without date of birth in their ID cards must bring the original and a photocopy of their PSA-certified Birth Certificate (formerly NSO Birth Certificate).
    5. Prepare your examination fee of Php 500.00 for the paper-and-pencil test (PPT), Php 600.00 for the computer-assisted test (CAT)
    6. If you are taking the CAT, present a copy of the appointment letter you received via email.
  3. Procedure.  The CSC offers two options for taking the CSE: the Paper-and-Pencil Test (PPT) and the computerized examination (COMEX). If you are taking the PPT, you may apply at any CSC regional office; if you are taking the COMEX, you must apply through the COMEX website (comex.csc.gov.ph)
    • Paper and Pencil Test (PPT)
      • CS Form 100_Revised 2015_Final_Nov 6 2015 (revised November 2015)
      • Fill out the form except for the thumbprint and signature. This must be done in the presence of an action officer. Submit accomplished form.
      • Affix your signature and thumbprint on the form in the presence of action officer.
      • If you are qualified to take the examination, the application form will be returned and you may proceed to the cashier to pay the examination fee. If you are not qualified, you will be informed of the reason for disqualification and asked to return the application.
      • Present the official receipt with the processed application form to the action officer, who will in turn issue the applicant the reminders for the examination and the examination receipt slip.
    • Computerized Examination (COMEX)
      • Register an account on the COMEX website (comex.csc.gov.ph)
      • Log in to the COMEX website in order to view examination schedules, and reserve a desired examination date.
      • Arrive at the testing center on the scheduled time and date of personal appearance and secure a queuing stub from the guard on duty.
      • Proceed to the processing area and present documents for verification to the processor/action officer.
      • Upon validation, proceed to cashier to pay for the examination fee.
      • Present the official receipt to the processor/action officer to receive your Civil Service identification card.
      • Attend orientation/briefing by the room examiner, then sign the examinee attendance sheet and picture-seat plan.
      • Take the exam.
    • Results
      • PPT Results. The results of the CSE paper-and-pencil test are usually released 45 days after the examination. The names of passers will be posted on the CSC website: www.csc.gov.ph
      • The results of the CSE computer-assisted test are usually released within two to three hours after the examination. Examinees are strongly advised to wait for the examination results.

Tips when taking the CSC Exam:

a. Review and refresh your knowledge.

Do not waste the opportunity by relying solely on your “stocked knowledge” and by simply watching the nightly news. There is a CSC reviewer available at National Bookstores; invest on a copy and read through the reviewer. It covers both Career Service Professional and Sub-Professional exams.

b. Relax.

As in any other examination, your mind and body must be relaxed and free from worries in order to perform better.  It is easier to recall what you have reviewed and make sense of tricky questions when you are not stressed or pressured.  Getting enough sleep the night before and wearing comfortable clothes can help you win half of the stress battle.

c. Visit the rest room before you begin your exam.

Do not waste exam time by asking to be excused to visit the comfort room. Finish all your rest room rituals before you take the exam. Of course, this means that you must be at the testing center premises way ahead of your schedule in order for your to do this. Rushing won’t help you at all.

d. Bring extra pencils.

In case you break one, you have another to use right away. Do not resort to sharpening as this takes time.

e. Avoid shading excessively.

Shade lightly; do not shade more than one answer. Choose your best answer and never leave a number unanswered.

Don’t forget to enjoy the exam! Good luck!







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