Delayed Registration Of Marriage: All You Need To Know

Marriages must be registered at the Office of the Local Civil Registry no later than 30 days from the date of the celebration. Any day later than that and the registration is considered delayed or late. But before I give you the details on how to file a delayed registration of marriage, let me just mention what we covered in a previous blog: Even if your marriage was not registered right away, it does not automatically mean that your marriage was not legal. As long as the FORMAL and ESSENTIAL requisites of marriage were met, the marriage is legal and binding. You can read my blog about marriage validity here: Is My Marriage Valid? How To Know If You Are Legally Married.

Until your marriage is properly registered, you cannot obtain a copy of a PSA marriage certificate. Below are the requirements and other details you need to know about delayed registration of marriage:

What are the requirements for delayed registration of marriage?

  1. Four copies of duly accomplished Certificate of Marriage;
  2. Affidavit of Delayed Registration which shall be executed by the solemnizing officer or the person reporting or presenting the Certificate of Marriage, stating therein the exact place and date of marriage, the facts and circumstances surrounding the marriage and the reason or cause of the delay;
  3. A certified copy of the application for marriage license bearing the date when the marriage license was issued, whenever applicable.
  4. Some municipalities require a copy of the Negative Certification issued by the PSA (you obtain this by requesting for a copy of the marriage certificate from the PSA and since the marriage is not registered, you will be given a Negative Certification instead).

Where to register?

The marriage shall be reported to the Civil Registrar where the wedding was celebrated.

Who should file the registration?

The solemnizing officer or the person reporting or presenting the marriage certificate for registration shall be required to execute and file an affidavit in support thereof, stating the exact place and date of marriage, the facts and circumstances surrounding the marriage, and the reason or cause of delay.

I tried to research on the fees that need to be paid when filing a delayed registration of marriage but could not find any. It might be different per locality. You can check with the LCR in your area. When discussing fees, make sure you are transacting with an employee of the LCR office and never with a fixer.

For more information on delayed registration of marriage, you may visit the PSA website where the above information were lifted.



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