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If you have legal concerns for the correction of your NSO record, here’s a guideline that you can refer to:

Requirements for Legitimation by Subsequent Marriage (1 week processing)

1. Execute Joint Affidavit of Legitimation (3 copies)

2. If child has not yet been acknowledged, execute Affidavit of Paternity/Acknowledgment, submit 3 copies

3. Certified Copy of Birth Certificate (1 copy)

4. Certified Copy of Marriage Contract (3 copies)

* Copy of Divorce paper, if Divorced

* CTC of Death Certificate if one of the parent is deceased

5. NSO Certificate of No Record of Marriage (CENOMAR) for both

NOTE: If child was conceived and born from parents with previous existing marriage or when parents have legal impediment to marry, Affidavit of Legitimation is not registrable.

Requirements for Foundling (1 week processing)

1. Duly accomplished Certificates of Foundling (3 copies)

2. 2×2 picture – 3 copies

3. Barangay or Police Report/Police Certification that no missing child was reported

4. Affidavit of Abandonment/Affidavit of the finder stating the facts and circumstances surrounding the finding of the child.

5. Tri-Media certificates of Announcement/Publication

6. If filed after thirty (30) days, it should be accompanied by an Affidavit for Delayed Registration

Requirements for Election of Citizenship/Repatriation (1 week processing)
(1 Original CTC & 3 Photo copies)

1. Affidavit of Election of Citizenship

2. Oath of Allegiance

3. Birth Certificate of the applicant

4. 2×2 picture with signature – 4 pcs.

5. Marriage Contract of parents

6. Alien Certificate of Registration

Requirements for Amendments (1 week processing)

1. Certified true copies of Court Decision – 2 sets

2. Certificate of Finality – 2 copies

3. Certified copy of the document to be amended

4. Certificate of Registration from the Civil Registry office where the court is situated

For those concerning Birth Certificates – we need authorization from the natural/biological parents, purpose specifically stated.

For Adoption – forms for the information of adopting parents should be properly filled-up.

Foreign Adoption – should be registered at the Manila City Hall and ask for Certificate of Registration, Two (2) sets of court decision and translation, if other than English (certified true copies)

NOTE: If filed after thirty (30) days since Finality, it should be accompanied by Affidavit for the Delayed Registration of said decision.

* Legal Instruments must be filed within 20 days from the time it was executed, or it will be considered Delayed or subject to submission of Affidavit stating the cause of delay.

Requirements for Supplemental Report (1 week processing)

1. Certified true copy or NSO copy of the document.

2. At least 3 copies of supporting documents showing the correct entries omitted on the document.

3. Affidavit for Supplemental Report of omitted entries.

Hope this is useful for you. You can request your NSO certificates at NSO Birth Certificate Delivery Service.