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A little primer on what a birth certificate is as defined and as used in our daily lives as Filipinos.

The National Statistics Office (NSO) is mandated by law to keep and preserve the birth, marriage and death certificates of a Filipino citizen. These certificates are the bases for establishing the legal status of each and every Filipino. Note however that it is the Local Civil Registrar in your location that does the actual recording of the birth certificate. This is then forwarded to the NSO for record keeping.

Ibig sabihin, if you live in Manila and your kids are born there, it is the Local Civil Registrar there in city hall that will receive and create your child’s birth certificate record. After a while, this record will be forwarded to the NSO, where you can request for an authenticated copy.

Now, what is a Birth Certificate?

A Birth Certificate from the National Statistics Office (NSO) is a vital record that establishes the birth of a child. It is an official form that gives details on the time and place of a person’s birth, and his or her name, sex, mother’s name and (usually) father’s name. The word “birth certificate” can refer to either the original document or a certified true copy of or representation of the original record of birth document.

The birth certificate is issued shortly after an individual’s birth, after the mother’s physician files the required forms with the appropriate government agency, usually the local civil registrar’s office. The official birth certificate is stored at LCR where records are archived at the NSO. The birth certificate is used to authenticate one’s identity and nationality, and assist with obtaining government-issued identity documents, such as a passport or driver’s license. Holding a birth certificate makes it easier to prove citizenship in nations where citizenship depends upon location of birth.

An interested party shall provide the following information to facilitate verification and issuance of certification from the National Statistics Office.

Birth Certificate:

1. Complete name of the child (first, middle, last)
2. Complete name of the father
3. Complete maiden name of the mother
4. Date of birth (month, day, year)
5. Place of birth (city/municipality, province)
6. Whether or not registered late. (If registered late, please state the year when it was registered.
7. Complete name and address of the requesting party
8. Relationship to the child
9. Number of copies needed
10. Purpose of the certification


Art. 7. Nondisclosure of birth records. The records of a person’s birth shall be kept strictly confidential and no information relating thereto shall be issued except on the request of any of the following:

1. The person himself, or any person authorized by him;
2. His spouse, his parent or parents, his direct descendants, or the guardian or institution legally incharge of him, if he is a minor;
3. The court or proper public official whenever absolutely necessary in administrative, judicial or other official proceedings to determine the identity of the child’s parents or other circumstances surrounding his birth; and
4. In case of the person’s death, the nearest of kin.

Any person violating the prohibition shall suffer the penalty of imprisonment of at least two months or a fine in an amount not exceeding five hundred pesos, or both, in the discretion of the court.

Need a copy of your birth certificate?
You can request one easily at the NSO. You can do so by going to the nearest NSO Serbilis Center or by calling the NSO Helpline (02) 73271111 and have it delivered to you instead.

Check out this website for more information.

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11 thoughts on “NSO Birth Certificate

  1. Pano ko po makukunan ng birthcertificate anak ko nong nanganak po kasi ako sa ospital hnd kaagad nmn n bggyan ng pangalan tyaka dpo naasikaso hanggang namaty na po ung tatay ng anak ko and now 6yold na po sya need nya na sa school .pano po ba un.

    1. Naparehistro niyo ba ang anak ninyo?

      Kung oo, pwede kang mag request ng kopya ng birth certificate niya sa PSA (dating NSO).

      Kung hindi niyo napa rehistro, pumunta ka sa munisipyo ng bayan kung saan mo ipinanganak ang bata at ipa late registration mo siya.


  2. Every time po na.kukuha ako nang NSO ko ung sa kapatid ko po ung lumalabas, ngpunta po ako sa munisipyo at nalaman ko na same year kmi nang kuya ko,1991 sya samantalang dapat 1993 ako…ano po kailangan kong gawin para makakuha nng NSo ko?

  3. may bayd po ba pag nso ang nag kamali ng spelling ang pangalan po kase pangaln nia na nirehistro kailine kahit sa baptisma kailine at sa ospital pag dating sa nso kaimine may bayad po va yan kahit nso ang nag kamli anu po dapat gawin jan

    1. Kung ano ang dokumentong dumating sa PSA(NSO) mula sa LCR yun lang din ang nilalabas nya. So hindi gumagawa ng dokumento ang PSA nag re reproduce lang siya. Ibig sabihin yung isa sa 4 na sinulatan nung gawin yung B.C ng bata ay nagkamali ng spelling at yun ang napunta sa PSA kaya yun ang nilalabas sa inyo kapag nag request kayo ng record nya. Ipa pa correct nyo yan sa munisipyo kung saan naka register yung bata.

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