How To Get A Non-Professional Driver’s License

Are you finally driving your very own car this year? That’s great news! Being able to drive your own vehicle is a liberating experience. You will no longer depend on public transportation whenever you need to go on short trips and errands. But at the same time, you will also be responsible for the safety of others, whether pedestrians or fellow drivers. Plus, you also need to allocate budget for your gas, parking fees, and car maintenance.

But before you worry about all that, let me help you with the most important part of driving apart from learning how to do it: getting your license!

Read on.


  1. Duly accomplished Driver’s License Application Form.
  2. Original copy of your valid Student Permit.
  3. If you are employed, you will be asked to present your Tax Identification Number (TIN).
  4. Medical certificate issued by an LTO-accredited clinic.
  5. Practical Driving Course certificates.

Additional requirements may be asked of applicants aged 17 years old.

Walk-in Application:

You must have already completed the 8-hour Practical Driving Course (PDC) and have earned a PDC Certificate before going to an LTO to apply for a driver’s license. You will not be entertained at the LTO if you do not have both.

Only applicants with LTO Client ID will be entertained. To get an LTO Client ID, create an account at the LTMS portal of the LTO (

  1. Submit all the above-mentioned documentary requirements to the receiving desk for Non-professional Driver’s License Application.
  2. Your documents will be reviewed for completeness and qualification and will be encoded in the system if no issues arise.
  3. Pay the fees:
    • P167.63 – exam fee (written and practical exams)
    • P652.83 – license fee
    • P250 if you are renting an LTO-owned vehicle for the practical exam. Free of charge if you will use your own vehicle.
  4. Take the exams (written and practical).
  5. Wait for approval of Approving Officer.
  6. Have your photo and signature taken.
  7. Once approved, your Non-professional Driver’s License will be released to you.

You will be granted 5 years validity on your first driver’s license and if you don’t have any violations on record, you will be given 10 years upon renewal. Sounds great, right?

I hope this article helped. Share this with your family and friends too! Stay safe.



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