SSS Sickness And Maternity Benefits: Your Employers’ Legal Obligations

Contributing to the SSS alone does not guarantee a smooth and hassle-free benefits-claiming process. Believe it or not, your employer has a significant role in making sure that you are able to claim and use your SSS privileges right when you need it.

Today’s feature will focus on two very important SSS benefits that involve your employer’s cooperation. In fact, your employer must provide the advance payment when you file your claim for these benefits. What are these? Read on.

Your employer’s legal obligation for MATERNITY LEAVE BENEFITS:

According to the SSS, the full amount of the maternity leave benefit must be paid in advance by the employer within 30 days after the female member submits her application for maternity leave.

The SSS shall reimburse the employer in full upon receipt of the employer’s complete and legal documentation that they paid the member’s maternity benefits.

Your employer’s legal obligation for SICKNESS BENEFITS:

Upon approval of the member’s sickness benefits claim, the employer must include the amount of the sickness benefit in the employee’s salary every payday (or every 15th and 30th of the month, whichever is applicable). The amount shall be based on the SSS’ approval of the Sickness Notification (SN).

The SSS shall reimburse the full amount to the employer after the latter has submitted the complete documentation of their payments to the member’s payroll account.

The above information were lifted from the SSS’ Facebook page. To learn more about the different SSS benefits, you may visit their website at or leave a comment on their Facebook page ( Tomorrow, I will feature the facts on SSS’ sickness benefits for COVID-19 cases.

See you here again. Stay safe and healthy!



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