Can A COVID-19 Positive Member Claim Sickness Benefits From The SSS?

This question is raised more than a dozen times on the SSS’ Facebook page. Based on my observation, a lot of SSS members are unaware of the details involved when filing sickness benefits, especially if the patient is COVID-19 positive.

I lifted the answers straight from the SSS Facebook page. I hope this helps shed light on the above question that I pray none of us would ever have to ask.

Read on.

SSS members who test positive for COVID-19 may try to submit their application for Sickness Benefit to the SSS. (Yes, the exact answer of SSS to the person who asked on FB was “maaring subukang mag sumite…”) Prior to submitting your application, you need also to fulfill the following qualifying conditions:

  1. The member was unable to work because of the sickness and was confined either at a hospital or at home for at least 4 days.
  2. The member has at least 3 months’ worth of contributions within the 12-month period. The contributions must have been made before the semester of him being sick. – This simply means that your contributions should have been made at least 6 months before your sickness benefit claim.
  3. The member must have used up all his company sick leaves.
  4. The member must have been able to provide his Sickness Notification to his employer or to the SSS if the employee was laid-off, self-employed, or a voluntary member.

The SSS shall evaluate the Sickness Benefit Application and you shall be notified via email or through your employer of the results.

I’ll continue my research on the SSS Sickness Benefits claims and will share all information I am able to find here. Be assured that all information shared in this blog are from credible and traceable sources — only from the legitimate and official sites of the government agencies involved. 🙂

Stay safe and healthy!



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