How to Apply for a Late Registration of Birth

1 Jan 03

Are you one of the many Filipinos who tried requesting for a copy of their birth certificate at the PSA and got a negative certificate instead?  If you get a negative certificate, it means that the PSA does not have a record of your civil registry document in their files.

This could be disheartening at first, but the good news is, there is a solution to this common birth certificate problem.  We are sharing an in-depth guide on how to file for late registration of birth so you could finally have your very own PSA birth certificate.

Before we go any further though, let me tell you that filing for late registration of birth with the intention of changing or correcting any information in your registered birth certificate is WRONG.  This will only result in more confusion on your civil registry records and might invalidate your personal identification documents in the future.  There are various ways you can correct the wrong information in your birth or marriage certificates, most of these we have featured in our blog.  You can also ask the Local Civil Registry (LCR) for the best solution to your birth certificate problem.

3 Steps for Late Registration of Birth Certificate:

  1. Confirm with the LCR that your birth is truly unregistered.

When you receive a negative report from the PSA, it does not automatically mean that you do not have a birth certificate. It could also mean that the local copy of your birth certificate was not forwarded to the PSA and that is why the PSA could not find your record in their files.

So first, visit the LCR of your birthplace and ask for a local copy of your birth certificate.  If they are able to find your records, have them endorse that to the PSA so you can get a PSA-certified copy of your birth certificate.  This process usually takes one month to complete and you need to visit the PSA’s main office in East Avenue, Quezon City for the first copy of your PSA birth certificate.

However, if the LCR could not find a local copy of your birth certificate, it means that your birth was not reported and you truly do not have a birth certificate.  This shall be your basis for applying for delayed or late registration of birth.

  1. Get the list of requirements for late registration of birth.

The requirements and fees for late registration of birth vary per municipality.  You can either check online or visit the municipal or city hall of your birthplace to get the most updated list.  Below is the list of requirements from the Quezon City hall (you can use this as basis, however, your birthplace’s municipal hall may still require more or lesser documents from this list):

  • Negative Certification from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)
  • If the child is LEGITIMATE:
    • Original copy of Baptismal Certificate and
    • Parents’ PSA Marriage Contract
  • If the child is ILLEGITIMATE:
    • Original copy of Baptismal Certificate and
    • Joint Affidavit of two (2) Disinterested persons.
    • Acknowledgment through documents (if father/mother or both parents are deceased).
      • Insurance
      • School Report Card
      • Title of House and Lot
      • Certified True Copy of Death Certificate


The fees for late registration of birth varies depending on the location and even age of the applicant.  A good example is in Makati where if the applicant is below 2 years old, the filing fee is Php 200; however, if the applicant is 2 years old or older, the fee is Php 500.

Again, the requirements (and fees) may vary depending on the municipal or city hall you are transacting with.  So it is best that you inquire first before working at completing your documents.

  1. Submit the complete set of documentary requirements at the LCR.

Late registration of birth must be filed at the LCR with jurisdiction over the place of birth of the unregistered person.  However, if you no longer reside in your birthplace, you may file an Out-of-town Late Registration or Reporting of Birth at the nearest LCR to your place of residence.  They should be able to process and transmit your documents to the LCR of your birthplace.  You need only to pay an Endorsement Fee of about Php 290 to complete the out-of-town transaction.

You may claim the first copy of your PSA birth certificate at the PSA’s main office in East Avenue, Quezon City.  This usually takes 3 to 6 months to complete.

If you have more questions about late registration of birth, you can send us an email and we will do our best to find the most appropriate answer for you.



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