Bonjour. Mabuhay.

A friendly reminder: Beware of goats in sheep’s clothing.

There is an NSO advisory warning couples who are planning to get married to first check if the officiating entities are accredited by their office to ensure that their marriage contracts are legal and binding.

NSO said that priests, pastors or religious laymen officiating marriages have to first secure permits or accreditation from their office before they could officiate at weddings.

The NSO pronouncement came amid reports that there are priests or pastors not sanctioned by any religious sect or by the state who are officiating wedding rites and soliciting contributions.

Note that NSO only issues permits to solemnize marriage or certificate of registration to religious personalities upon completion of seminars in relation to their duties as state-accredited marriage officiating officers. Such accreditation given to solemnizing officers are renewable every three years.

Any marriage contract solemnized by officiating officials not registered with the NSO, the sole government agency authorized to process and approve said accreditation, is considered null and void and can be declared illegal.

To be sure, inquire about the permits or accreditation.

Hope this helps.