2 Ways to Get a Copy of Your CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage)

A CENOMARor Certificate of No Marriage is a primary documentary requirement for those who are planning to get married.  It serves as proof that you or your would-be spouse is legally single – never contracted marriage or a previous marriage has been annulled.  It basically tells you if you are free to marry another person.Continue reading “2 Ways to Get a Copy of Your CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage)”

6 Reasons Why You Always Need to Have a Copy of your PSA Birth Certificate

I was never a fan of keeping files as these have the tendency to pile up on my desk over time.  I have developed the habit of just getting what I need when I need it.  However, I realized this may not be a good practice when it comes to personal documents such as myContinue reading “6 Reasons Why You Always Need to Have a Copy of your PSA Birth Certificate”

The Easiest Way to Get your PSA Certificates Online

There is a better and more efficient means to get PSA documents (birth, marriage, CENOMAR, death) and that is by ordering online at http://www.psahelpline.ph.  It works just like any other online retail facility where you simply choose the item you need, place it in your virtual cart, pay, and then wait for the order toContinue reading “The Easiest Way to Get your PSA Certificates Online”

The National Statistics Office is now the Philippine Statistics Authority

Bonjour!  Mabuhay! Growing up in the metro, I have become familiar with the not-so-frequent visits of people interviewing my parents on family members that reside in our home or live elsewhere.  Ang tawag daw sa ginagawa nila ay “census” at ito ay ginagawa para ma-determine ang human population sa Pilipinas.  The home visitations are doneContinue reading “The National Statistics Office is now the Philippine Statistics Authority”

Republic Act No. 10172 Implementing Rules and Regulations

Bonjour. Mabuhay.   Eto na 🙂   Republic of the Philippines OFFICE OF THE CIVIL REGISTRAR GENERAL National Statistics Office Manila ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 1, SERIES OF 2012 Subject: RULES AND REGULATIONS GOVERNING THE IMPLEMENTATION OF REPUBLIC ACT NO. 10172 (An Act Further Authorizing the City or Municipal Civil Registrar or the Consul General toContinue reading “Republic Act No. 10172 Implementing Rules and Regulations”

NSO has no record of your birth certificate?

Bonjour. Mabuhay.   If you need late registration or endorsement services for your birth records, you might find this site useful:   http://verified.teleserv.ph/   The website says: If you requested for a copy of your birth certificate from the National Statistics Office (NSO), and all you got was a notice informing you that there isContinue reading “NSO has no record of your birth certificate?”

NSO Late Registration Service

Bonjour. Mabuhay. NSO Late Registration? Found some info that may help you in this website:   What is “Late Registration”? Late registration is a process that a person must undergo if the fact of his or her birth was not recorded with the LCR of the place where the birth occurred. A person must likewiseContinue reading “NSO Late Registration Service”

NSO : Out of Town Registration of Birth

Bonjour. Mabuhay. It’s the start of the new week after a long break and I was browsing on old information when I found this. I think it is worthwhile to get us informed again on this matter, para sa mga hindi pa nakakaalam. Do you know what an out-of-town reporting of birth is? I’m sureContinue reading “NSO : Out of Town Registration of Birth”