During the celebration of its 22nd anniversary, Philhealth announced that they are currently developing a benefit package that will focus on providing assistance to children with disabilities.  This is in support of the Department of Health’s (DOH) expanded national program for disabled persons.

The said benefit package is seen to be incorporated in the Z Benefit Package, a Philhealth package offered to members who have health conditions that require expensive treatments and prolonged stay in the hospital.

What types of benefits and assistance will be offered to CWD under the Z Benefit Package?

A. For Hearing Impairment:

  • Professional assessment
  • Diagnostic test
  • Hearing devices
  • Habilitative/rehabilitative speech therapy to enable CWDs to gain functionality in hearing and communication.

B. For Visual Impairment:

  • Vision assessment
  • Provision of electronic and non-electronic optical devices
  • Rehabilitation that will preserve and rehabilitate the children’s ability for sight and purposeful activities.

C. For Mobility Impairment:

  • Provide appropriate mobility devices
  • Habilitative/rehabilitative therapy that can potentially halt the progression of conditions limiting mobility and enable children to navigate access and become more independent.

D. For Developmental Disability:

  • Services for proper diagnosis in order to provide specific and individualized plans for therapy for services.
  • This will help optimize children’s capacities and increase their participation in education and in the community.

Philhealth will launch the CWD benefits in contracted facilities that specialize on services aimed at Z-benefit cases.