The Senior Citizen and His Passport: How to Get a Passport if You Don’t Have a PSA Birth Certificate


A primary requirement when applying for a passport (or renewing an old one) is the applicant’s birth certificate in Security Paper (SECPA) issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (formerly NSO) or a Certified True Copy issued by the Local Civil Registrar.  This has become an issue among senior citizens, especially those born on 1945 and earlier years.  Most, if not all, could not secure copies of their birth certificates as these were believed to have been destroyed during and after World War 2.

So how does a Senior Citizen acquire a passport if he could not produce a copy of his birth certificate?  The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) published a special set of requirements specifically for senior citizens born on or after 1950 and those born before 1950.  Read on!

A. First Time Passport Application and born in or after January 1, 1950

  • Personal appearance of senior citizen applicant.
  • Duly accomplished application form – may be downloaded from the DFA website.
  • Valid picture IDs and supporting documents to prove identity.
  • For birth record documents (in place of the PSA Birth Certificate):
    • Apply for the delayed registration of birth at the local civil registry office located at the place of birth of applicant.
    • Submit authenticated Birth Certificate from PSA and supporting public documents with correct date and place of birth (i.e. Form 137, Voter’s Registration Record, Baptismal Certificate with readable dry seal or National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) with photo and readable dry seal for Muslim applicants).

B. First Time Passport Application and born before 1950 (December 31, 1949 and earlier):

  • Personal appearance of senior citizen applicant.
  • Duly accomplished application form – may be downloaded from the DFA website.
  • Valid picture IDs and supporting documents to prove identity.
  • For birth record documents (in place of the PSA Birth Certificate):
    • Certificate of Non-availability of Record from the PSA.
    • Notarized Joint Birth Affidavit of Two Disinterested Persons.
    • Any public document/s with correct full name, date and place of birth (i.e. Baptismal Certificate with readable dry seal or NCMF Certificate with photo and readable dry seal for Muslim applicants).

Senior Citizen passport applicants do not need to secure an appointment online.  They will be accommodated anytime at any DFA branch office.

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56 thoughts on “The Senior Citizen and His Passport: How to Get a Passport if You Don’t Have a PSA Birth Certificate

    1. Good day po tanong ko lng po kuha po kc passport mother ko she is 82 yrs old mali po kc middle name nya sa psa nya then lahat po ng id nya and marriedcontrac nya ung tamang middle name nya nakapag anu pi kaya pwd nmin gawin may kalayuan din po kc ung dfa samin para hnd lng po magpabalik balik mother ko salamat po ang Godbless.

      1. Hi Felix,

        Kung ano ang nakasulat sa birth certificate niya, yun ang susundin ng DFA. Meron ba siyang ibang ID na ang nakasulat na middle name niya ay kapareho ng nakasulat sa birth certificate niya?


  1. gud day ,senior citizen n ako s aug.,mgrerenew ako ng passport k,2 ang birth cert.,yun gngmit k s passport yun 2nd birth cert. k,ngayon non kumuha ako s psa ,ang lumbas yun original,paano ang ggwin k ?

    1. Hi Belen,

      Ang susundin po ng DFA ay kung ano ang nakasulat na information sa PSA birth certificate ninyo. Alin po ba ang ginagamit ninyong pangalan sa mga ID ninyo, yung nasa pangalawang birth certificate niyo po ba o yung sa una?


    2. Hi po,ask ko lang po sana kung pano makakuha ng passport nanay ko,wala po sya record ng marriage certificate both Psa At sa munisipyo,advise po ng dfa gamitin na lang maiden name nya at gawing single ang senior citizen id it possible po at di na po ba kailangan ng supporting documents.1952 po sya pinanganak..thank you po

      1. Hi Giselle,

        Yes, may option ang mga kababaihan na i-retain ang kanilang maiden name sa passport. Pwede ninyong gawin yun, kung yun ang inadvise ng DFA.


  2. Got confused with the comments, why do you still need to acquire marriage certificate if the only requirements for senior citizen who was born 1950 or earlier are Negative results, Affidavit and publicly available supporting documents?

    1. Hi Axel,

      I reviewed the exchanges in this thread. Each person has a different case about their parents’ b.c.s

      If you will just focus on the blog entry, all that’s written there apply to senior citizens who wish to get a passport but do not have a BC.

      Hope this clarifies.


  3. Hello po Ako po mgrenew Sana ng passport kaso noong pinakuha ako ng NSO/zPSA di parehas apelyido ko sa NSO sa birth certificate ko..kung sakali makakuha ako ng supporting documents Para Maka renew direct ba sa DFA dala ang mga documents? Ako’y 67 years old at single pls pa tulong po

    1. Hi Adoracion,

      Yes pwede na po kayong dumirecho sa PSA branch na malapit sa inyo para makapag apply kayo ng passport. Hindi nyo na din po kailangan mag set ng appointment online; bilang senior citizen po kayo, sa Priority Lane po kayo dumirecho.


  4. My mother is senior citizen born 1941, we are planning to take her abroad. can I also renew my passport together with my mother.?

    1. You need to get an appointment. Escort or person who assist the senior citizen is no longer allowed to file their passport application together with the senior citizens walk in privilege.

  5. Yun birth certficate ko sa may “city or municipality “walang nakalagay or blanko pero dun sa baba nun me nakalagay namn “city or municipality.. city of manila” mag rerenew lng ako ng paasport pero sabi ng kailangan daw muna akong magpunta ng city hall sa manila para sa supplement.. tama ba yun ginawa ng dfa sa akin?

  6. hi master,
    ask ko lang po since yong father is 1947 pinanganak yong po bang requirements na:
    *Certf.of non-availability of record frm the PSA and
    *Notarized joint birthaffidavit of two disinterest person…ito po bang form na to eh pwede naming e process sa manila or dapat po ba dun sa province kng san xia pinanganak.

    thank you sa time mo master,waiting for your reply.

  7. ask ko lang po kung pwede pa bang kumuha ang senior citizen ng passport kahit walang appointment..mother ko po ang magrenew ng passport…thank you

  8. Hi po.
    My mother-in-law is applying for a passport. She was born 1948. There are no records of her Birth Certificate and Baptismal. We only have the following:
    – NSO negative report
    – Marriage Certificate PSA copy
    – Voter’s Certificate indicating her Address DOB and Place of Birth
    – Brgy Clearance for travel purpose
    – Joint affidavit of Two disinterested person
    – Affidavit of discrepancy (Her mother’s surname in her marriage contract is misspelled)
    – Senior Citizen Id
    – NBI
    Are those requirements enough?
    Hope you can help.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Joyce,

      You can try applying at the DFA; she is a senior citizen so she should be prioritized at the DFA, no need to set an appointment.

      Explain the situation to the interviewer; make sure she has all the pertinent documents and IDs you mentioned in your message.


  9. Hello po.

    I want to set up a group appointment for 5 people pero isa lang po sa kanila ang for renewal, the rest po ay for new application. Okay lang po ba na magkasabay sila sa iisang appointment?
    Thank you.

  10. Hi po. . My mon wants to apply for passport, .shes a senior citizen, .ok lng po ba kng sasabay aq sa kanya, renewal. . Hnd na po aq nagpa appoinmnt since, kasama ko nmn c mama.. thnx po.

  11. HI,good day! Im about to set up a group appointment and two of them are senior citezens. Lahat po ba kame makakapag renew as a group pag nag walk in kame even though dalawa lang yung senior citizens? thanks

  12. Hello po.. ang aking nanay po ay mag aaply ng passport cya po ay ipinanganak noong april 3, 1948 kumuha po kmi sa nso ng birthcertificate kaso negative po ang lumabas meron naman po cyang baptismal at mga valid ids d parin po b cya pwedeng makakakuha ng passport..

  13. Hi po.

    My dad is 72 years old (1946) and wants to apply for passport. He has senior citizen ID, Notarized Joint Birth Affidavit of Two Disinterested Persons and baptismal. Are those requirements enough or do we need to present more?

    I tried calling to DFA Cebu but they told me to go to their office directly to verify the requirements but my concern is what if they would tell me to present more? Kawawa nman yung papa ko if pa balik2x.

    Can I also apply a passport together with my dad?

    1. If he still had some i.d’s and document with complete details bring it as well. Regarding the policy if the escort can apply also , I’ts up to the departments policy.

  14. Hi po… my father is already 65 years old and we are planning to apply for his passport. The problem is when we requested for a copy of his birth certificate, we noticed that he has two given names written on his BC (i.e. John Paul). He didn’t know of that until just recently. On all his government records (SSS, Pag-ibig, Philhealth, Senior Citizen, Voter’s Registration) he’s using just 1 first name (i.e Paul). What should he do so that he could have his passport?

    1. Hi Dennis,

      Since senior citizen na ang father mo, pwede na kayong mag walk-in sa DFA to inquire (hindi na niya kailangan ng appointment).

      Dati kasi, kahit na may pagkakaiba ang name ng applicant sa mga IDs nya at sa birth certificate niya, ang sinusunod ng DFA ay kung ano ang nakasulat sa birth certificate. We are just not sure if they still practice the same now. That’s why mas mabuti na pumunta kayo sa DFA, with all of your dad’s passport application requirements, including his birth certificate and IDs. Sasabihin naman sa inyo sa DFA kung ano ang kailangan ninyong gawin if ever na hindi nila tanggapin yung mga dala ninyong documents.


  15. I am a P.W.D.5 9 year old, my passport expired 6 years ago. And I need to correct my date of birth. Aside from I still need an affidavit? And do I Still need to cue in DFA.? For renewal? Can I get any discount? Please advise, thanks.Junn. antipolo city.

    1. Hi Sir Junn,

      Senior citizens, pregnant women, children below 1 year old, and PWDs are given priority at the DFA. You don’t need to wait in line anymore.

      No discounts though po.

      May we ask po if you are pertaining to the date of birth written on your passport or the date of birth written on your birth certificate?


  16. Hello my mum will apply for a Phil passport and she is a senior citizen. She has a negative certification from NSO and has an affidavit plus a copy of her birth cetificate from the municipal office. She has voter’s ID, police clearance and brgy. clearance. Are those enough for the requirements or does she needs to present marriage contract. She is already a widow

      1. she was born in 1941, she got a copy of certificate of marriage from the parish church but my dad’s first name is incorrect and my mum’s bday is incorrect, i dont know how to deal with it. They told her to go to the main office in Antipolo City to correct it. How long will it take for the correction of entries and how much will i pay, thanks…

  17. My grandmother who is alredy 94 years old wants to apply for a passport to visit her daugther in Australia. But unfortunately she has no records of her B.C.She was then advised in the DFA office to secure her marriage contract, but cannot recall the date of their marriage. Hope that you can give suggestions asap.thank you and God bless

    1. How about your parents or any relatives that knows the details regarding your grandmas marriage? Or tyr to request for a CENOMAR of your grandmother. Person ‘s marriages will appear once you requested a CENOMAR of that person.

      1. So is it possible to use their marriage contract as a document in securing a passport, in absence of her B.C?

  18. I am a Seior Citizen and i want to renew my passport, but i have a problem on my birthdate because my birthyear in my passport is different from my birth certificate. What will i do to correct it? or is possible to renew my passport and use my birth certificate or i have to undergo some process to correct my birth certificate in my passport?

  19. I was born on feb 3, 1954 could it be possible that my married nso certification be used in exchange to my birth certificate? I was married on january 1, 1974, my birth certificate is just a certification from the office record service of my father who is a soldier which they honored before our marriage at camp aguinaldo st. Ignatius chapel

  20. My mother was born before 1950. Are those 3 mentioned above all needed or any of the 3 should be good enough?

    Would very much appreciate your response.

      1. My mother was 60 yrs she is trying to apply for a passport. Kaso may problem po ang name at birthdate nya sa birth certificate nya. Possible pa po kaya ihonor ang marriage contract at baptismal nya sa pagaaply ng passport. thank you po.

      2. galing po dfa ang parents ko today hinanapan sila ng marriage certificate at philhealth daw eh wla nman silang philhealth

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