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Do you have a problem with the entries in your birth date, month, or year in your birth certificate?  Like any other error, your birth date details are as vital because it indicates your age – a vital requirement for job applications, getting a driver’s license, school enrollment, and other transactions that have age requirements.  If your birth date details are erroneous or inaccurate, you have to have these corrected right away.

Here’s how:

  1. Wrong Birth Date

The owner may file a Petition for Correction of Clerical Error at the Local Civil Registry (LCR) where the birth record containing the day in the date of birth to be corrected is registered.

If the petitioner has migrated to another place within the Philippines and may no longer be practical for him to travel back to his birthplace, the petition may be filed with the LCR of the place where the petitioner is currently residing.

If the petitioner’s birth was reported abroad and is presently residing in the Philippines, the petition may be filed with the LCR of the place of residence following the procedures of the migrant petition.

  1. Wrong Birth Month

The process to correct a wrong birth month in your birth certificate is similar with correcting an incorrect birth date.

  1. Wrong Birth Year

This type of error in the birth certificate is not covered by R.A. No. 9048 or the Clerical Error Law of 2001.  Errors in the civil register pertaining to a person’s age (determined by the year of birth indicated in his birth certificate) need to undergo a court proceeding and with the aid of a lawyer.

Note that the fees for the amendment of wrong birth date and month that LCRs may charge may vary.  Always make sure that you pay only to the LCR cashier and that you are issued a government receipt after paying.  You will need this later on when claiming the first corrected copy of your birth certificate.

The fees and processes for the correction of an incorrect birth year will all depend on the attorney’s fees and LCR that shall handle the case.  Again, make sure you are paying only to the city hall cashier and are issued the necessary official receipt from the government.

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Reference: www.psa.gov.ph

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Wrong Birth Year

A PSA Birth Certificate (formerly NSO Birth Certificate) bearing an incorrect birth date and month of the owner can be corrected under R.A. 9048 (also known as the Clerical Error Law).  But what if it is the birth year that needs correction?  Is this still covered by R.A. 9048?  Let us find out.

Gelay was born on December 15, 2015 in Calapan City, Mindoro.  On the same date, at 8PM, Typhoon Melor struck the province and immediately rendered the entire town paralyzed with floodwaters and strong winds.  Her mother gave birth at home for fear of getting stranded on her way to the hospital.

It took weeks before their area was cleared.  Gelay’s parents were able to take her to the clinic for a check-up three weeks after she was born.  And although the health workers reminded them to get Gelay registered at the city hall as soon as possible, other more pressing concerns brought by the typhoon kept both parents busy.

On February 2016, Gelay’s Lola came to visit and immediately took on the task of taking care of the baby.  She asked if Gelay has been registered yet and if a copy of her birth certificate is already available.  Only then did Gelay’s parents realize that they still have not accomplished their daughter’s birth registration!

The Lola volunteered to process the registration herself.  She supplied all the information needed on the certificate however, she failed to double check on her granddaughter’s date of birth.  Instead of December 15, 2015, the Lola wrote January 15, 2016.

When her parents requested for a copy of Gelay’s PSA birth certificate, they realized that the birth date and year reflected arewrong.  When they consulted a friend who works at the Local Civil Registry office, they were advised that Gelay’s case is not covered by R.A. 9048 or the Clerical Error Law.  Therefore, correcting the birth date, month, and year is not going to be a simple task (at least not as simple as correcting a misspelled name or incorrect birth month and date).

Although Gelay’s birthday, as reflected on her PSA Birth Certificate, is only a month short from her true and correct date of birth, her parents still need to file a case in court to have this corrected.  This is because the year of her birth needs to be corrected too.

Persons seeking to have this kind of error corrected need to consult a lawyer to find out what processes are involved and fees that need to be paid.  Make sure that you are transacting with a person who is legally empowered to give you advice and charge you fees to get the corrections duly applied on your birth certificate.

Source: https://psa.gov.ph/civilregistration/civil-registration-laws/republic-act-no-10172-implementing-rules-and-regulations


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