U.S. WORK VISA: Supporting Documents for You and Your Dependents

When you have successfully scheduled your appointment at the U.S. Embassy, you may begin preparing additional documents that can support your reason for entering the U.S.  The Consular Officer who will be assigned to interview you may or may not ask for these documents but it is best that you have it with you. WhatContinue reading “U.S. WORK VISA: Supporting Documents for You and Your Dependents”

U.S. Work Visa: Requirements and Application Procedures

For the hard-working Pinoy, no international country is ever too far to reach if it means earning more for their families.  The United States is a country rich in opportunities for professional and skilled Filipino workers.  That is why it is a favorite destination among those who prefer to live and work abroad to supportContinue reading “U.S. Work Visa: Requirements and Application Procedures”

U.S. Work Visa: Work Descriptions and Applicant Qualifications

Filipinos who wish to work (legally!) in the United States must have a valid Work Visa issued by the U.S. Embassy.  There are several types of work visas available for Pinoys; these are based on the kind of job they applied and qualified for. Keep in mind that work visas are applied and processed onlyContinue reading “U.S. Work Visa: Work Descriptions and Applicant Qualifications”