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A common requirement in most government and private transactions is a copy of a Barangay Clearance and or a Barangay Certificate  Most people think these two are one and the same so they end up submitting a Certificate when they are required to submit a Clearance, and vice versa.

To help address this common confusion among Filipino citizens, we did a research and found out that these two documents are completely different from each other and are issued for different purposes.  Here is a summary of how  Barangay Clearances and Barangay Certificates are secured, and when these two are needed.  Read on!

Barangay Certificate

  • Otherwise known as Barangay Certificate of Residency.
  • This document proves that you are a resident of a particular barangay.
  • You can be issued a copy of this certificate if you have been residing in a particular barangay for at least 6 months or more.
  • This can be secured at the barangay hall that covers the applicant’s place of residence.

Barangay Clearance

  • A Barangay Clearance is a common requirement for business permits and license applications.
  • This can be secured at the barangay hall that covers the place where the business will operate.

The requirements needed for such certifications and clearances to be issued are detailed in the barangay’s Citizen’s Charter.  Common requirements are:

  • Documents pertaining to the business’ establishment
  • Community Tax Certificate
  • Valid IDs such as Driver’s License, Company ID, GSIS or SSS IDs, Voter’s ID, etc.

Note that a Voter’s ID is just one of the many IDs that may be required from an applicant.  It should not serve as the sole basis for granting a person’s request for a Certificate of Residency.

Next time you are required to submit a certification or clearance from your barangay, clarify which among the two should you submit.  Keep this as your reference in differentiating the documents you are applying for.

Source: www.dilg.gov.ph

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How do you verify if you are indeed qualified to vote in the upcoming elections?  Is there a way to check your designated precinct number and voting center?

To help Pinoys prepare for the big day on May 9, COMELEC deployed an online facility where one can check if he is qualified to vote, the address of his voting center, and information about the availability of his Voter’s ID.  This can be accessed through the COMELEC website www.comelec.gov.ph under the tab “Voter Registration”.

Here is how you can get your voter’s registration information from this page:

  1. Access the page through the following link:


  1. Type your first, middle, and last names and choose your birth information from the drop down menu.
  2. Type the Captcha code that will be shown at the bottom of the page and then click on Search.  Wait for the system to load your information.

You will be provided with a view of your complete voting details, including the address of your voting center and precinct number.  The system will also advise you if your Voter’s ID is already available for claiming.

If you are not a registered voter, you will also be provided with the reason for disqualification and where you may proceed to inquire or register.  A clear reminder that you are not qualified to vote on May 9, 2016 will also be shown on your screen.

Check your status now!


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