EC Death Benefit Claims May Now Be Filed Online

The Employees’ Compensation (EC) program was implemented as an additional layer of protection and assistance for employees and workers who may suffer job-related ailments, injuries, or even death. An employee who gets terminally ill or disabled as a result of his duties and official functions, or meets an accident at the workplace, are compensable underContinue reading “EC Death Benefit Claims May Now Be Filed Online”

How To Upgrade Your UMID Card To A UMID ATM Pay Card

You may now apply for a UMID ATM Pay Card or have your existing one upgraded for free. Here’s how: This is open to all SSS members who applied for the generic UMID card and those who have yet to receive their UMID cards. Upgrading to the new ATM pay card is free of charge.Continue reading “How To Upgrade Your UMID Card To A UMID ATM Pay Card”

5 IDs You Must Have This Year

This year, make it your resolution to always have a valid, government-issued ID in your possession all the time. And while you’re at it, why not make it your goal to complete these five IDs before the end of the first month of the year? Here’s the list of IDs, where you can get them,Continue reading “5 IDs You Must Have This Year”

Important Guidelines When Applying For A UMID Card At SSS Branches

While the Social Security System (SSS) has once again opened its doors for UMID card applicants, the public is still strongly advised to observe strict health and safety protocols when visiting SSS branches. Here are the guidelines of the SSS when visiting their branches for UMID card applications: Members may file their UMID application formsContinue reading “Important Guidelines When Applying For A UMID Card At SSS Branches”

UMID Card Application Resumes At SSS

Good news! You may now file your UMID application at SSS branches after being put on hold because of the pandemic. The SSS actually began accepting applications last September 27, 2021. If you haven’t yet, now is the time to prepare your application requirements so you can finally get your very own UMID (Unified MultipurposeContinue reading “UMID Card Application Resumes At SSS”

Tips When Visiting An NBI Branch For Your NBI Clearance

Now that you have successfully set an appointment with the NBI, you are all set to finish the last step in getting your NBI clearance (assuming you are, indeed, clear 🙂 ) To those who are visiting my page just now, you can read the complete step-by-step procedure on how to set an appointment withContinue reading “Tips When Visiting An NBI Branch For Your NBI Clearance”

How to Apply for an SSS Number Online

The Social Security System is truly stepping up its game it terms of making SSS more accessible to the public. I admire them for the effort and genius of making things work remotely for their members and soon-to-be members especially now that we are on our third ECQ in Metro Manila. Good news to allContinue reading “How to Apply for an SSS Number Online”

How to Apply for Government-issued IDs

I found this super helpful article in Rappler that I think will help this year’s high school and college graduates secure their government IDs and other documents that are required when applying for a job.  When I was a fresh graduate myself, I dreaded making trips to government offices because of the long lines andContinue reading “How to Apply for Government-issued IDs”