Airport Fees You Need to Know

It was in 2006 when I first traveled by plane; I went with a couple of friends to Hong Kong on a do-it-yourself type of tour because we thought it was cheaper and we had the freedom to go to all the places we wanted to see.  However, this also meant that we did notContinue reading “Airport Fees You Need to Know”

How to Order for your PSA Certificates Online

Our family will be traveling to Japan later this year and we are currently in the process of completing all our documentary requirements for our visa application.  I was tasked to take care of everyone’s copies of PSA birth and marriage certificates, and make sure these are ready for submission by the end of theContinue reading “How to Order for your PSA Certificates Online”

Basic Reminders for Philippine Passport Holders Part 1

Whether you are a frequent traveler, an Overseas Filipino Worker, or flying out of the country for the first time, there are basic things you need to know about travel documents and IDs essential to a smooth and hassle-free flight.  We’re not just talking about airlines that leave and arrive on time and don’t getContinue reading “Basic Reminders for Philippine Passport Holders Part 1”

Apply for a South Korea Tourist Visa Now!

Philippine passport holders are required to secure a visa in order to tour the beautiful and fascinating country of South Korea.  To some, this may sound daunting because of all the documents and IDs that you need to prepare.  But to those who have paid the country a visit at least once, they agree thatContinue reading “Apply for a South Korea Tourist Visa Now!”