Odd-Even Traffic Scheme in Pasig Takes Effect Today

‘Carmageddon’, ‘May Forever’, and ‘Edsa Parking Lot’ are just some of the many monikers used by motorists and commuters to describe the seemingly endless traffic woes in Metro Manila.  People spend an average of two hours every day to get to their offices and another two hours to travel back home at night.  This couldContinue reading “Odd-Even Traffic Scheme in Pasig Takes Effect Today”

Would You Agree to the No Garage, No Car Policy?

Lawmakers are pushing for the passing and implementation of the “Proof-of-Parking Space Act” that is deemed to help Metro Manila’s worsening problem on traffic congestion.  Under this law, an individual will be required to present a proof of parking space before he can purchase a vehicle. Existing car owners will have to do the sameContinue reading “Would You Agree to the No Garage, No Car Policy?”