Airport Fees You Need to Know

It was in 2006 when I first traveled by plane; I went with a couple of friends to Hong Kong on a do-it-yourself type of tour because we thought it was cheaper and we had the freedom to go to all the places we wanted to see.  However, this also meant that we did notContinue reading “Airport Fees You Need to Know”

Something to Look Forward to: Terminal Fee Exemption for All OFWs!

Last year, we featured the announcement on vacationing OFWs’ exemption from filing an OEC if they are returning to the same employers abroad.  This took effect on the first week of September of the same year.  Included in the privilege is the OFW’s exemption from paying travel taxes and terminal fees when exiting the countryContinue reading “Something to Look Forward to: Terminal Fee Exemption for All OFWs!”