SSS Sickness Benefit Application Can Now Be Done Online

Good news to all self-employed, voluntary, non-working spouses, and OFW members of the Social Security System (SSS)! In case you get sick and need to file your claims at the SSS, you can do so without going to an SSS office. You can now do it online! How do I apply for a sickness benefitContinue reading “SSS Sickness Benefit Application Can Now Be Done Online”

SSS Maternity Notification: Just One Text Away!

Female SSS members, whether under the employed or voluntary (self-employed) status, must notify SSS right away in order to ensure that they are given the proper maternity benefits.  Employed members may course the notification through their employers, while voluntary members still need to go to the nearest SSS office. One of the prevalent reasons whyContinue reading “SSS Maternity Notification: Just One Text Away!”