How To Change Your SSS Beneficiaries

Yesterday, we featured the step-by-step processes on how to apply corrections or changes on your name, marital status, and gender in your SSS records through My.SSS. Today, we are going to share how you can change your SSS beneficiaries. By the way, changing your SSS beneficiaries can only be done by submitting your request toContinue reading “How To Change Your SSS Beneficiaries”

SSS Sickness Benefit Application Can Now Be Done Online

Good news to all self-employed, voluntary, non-working spouses, and OFW members of the Social Security System (SSS)! In case you get sick and need to file your claims at the SSS, you can do so without going to an SSS office. You can now do it online! How do I apply for a sickness benefitContinue reading “SSS Sickness Benefit Application Can Now Be Done Online”

How to Register to the My.SSS Portal for Household Employers

If you are an SSS employer-member (meaning, you are an SSS member but you also have one or more people employed in your household), you need to register to the My.SSS portal. Here’s how: Step 1: Visit the SSS website at Step 2: Click the I’m not a robot captcha. Step 3: On theContinue reading “How to Register to the My.SSS Portal for Household Employers”

New Way of Receiving the SSS Funeral Benefit Claim

SSS Funeral Claims will now be deposited directly to your bank account that is enrolled in the Disbursement Account Enrollment Module (DAEM) in the My.SSS portal. You no longer need to go to an SSS office to claim your check or wait in line at a bank just to cash your check. Everything is appliedContinue reading “New Way of Receiving the SSS Funeral Benefit Claim”

How to Apply for a Calamity Loan with SSS

Now that the rainy season is upon us, a lot of areas in Metro Manila as well as in the provinces are once again on guard for the anticipated onslaught of typhoons and flash floods.  Sadly, no matter how well a community, city, or province prepare for the worst, a lot of families still getContinue reading “How to Apply for a Calamity Loan with SSS”