List of Documentary Requirements for SSS Maternity Benefits

The first part of this blog was released yesterday. All the how-to’s of availing the SSS maternity benefits are in there. If you missed yesterday’s blog, you can read it here. Documentary requirements for SOLO PARENTS Valid Solo Parent ID issued by DSWD For employers filing maternity reimbursement claims of former female employees who wereContinue reading “List of Documentary Requirements for SSS Maternity Benefits”

All You Need to Know About SSS Maternity Benefits

A friend of mine just became a Mom for the first time! So in honor of moms, I decided to research and write about one of the most important benefit claims that women must be fully aware of: the SSS maternity benefit! Read this and share it with your friends and families. First and foremost,Continue reading “All You Need to Know About SSS Maternity Benefits”

How to Compute for Your SSS Maternity Benefit

Female SSS members are entitled to maternity benefits.  Whether she is an employed member or is voluntarily contributing to the system, she must be granted the necessary financial support as her privilege under the SSS, provided she meets the basic documentary and contribution requirements of the system. How does one compute for her SSS maternityContinue reading “How to Compute for Your SSS Maternity Benefit”