What to Do if You Have More Than One SSS Number

Norma worked as a private school teacher for 35 years.  Before she reached her 60th birthday, her husband advised her to begin working on her SSS retirement documents just to get a head start.  She was both sorry and thankful that she did; sorry because she discovered a problem that could cost her her entireContinue reading “What to Do if You Have More Than One SSS Number”

8 SSS Benefits That First-Time Members Need to Know

When I first got my SSS number, I just thought I had one pre-employment requirement accomplished successfully.  I was just happy to be able to submit my SSS number to the HR department of my first-ever job and that was it.   Little did I know that my 10-digit SSS number would be my lifetime identificationContinue reading “8 SSS Benefits That First-Time Members Need to Know”

How to Claim for SSS Death Benefits

When an SSS member passes away, his beneficiaries are entitled to claim death benefits from the Social Security System (SSS).  Here is how you can file and claim for SSS death benefits: There are two types of death benefits paid to beneficiaries of a member: Pension Lump Sum Amount In order for the beneficiaries toContinue reading “How to Claim for SSS Death Benefits”