Child Support in the Philippines: All You Need to Know

Perhaps one of the most favorite topics of neighborhood Maritesses is child support (well, second only to who’s not paying his or her growing pa-lista at the sari-sari store). And why not? A couple may break off their relationship very quietly but the moment one parent (most of the time, the father) fails to provideContinue reading “Child Support in the Philippines: All You Need to Know”

20% Restaurant Discounts for Solo Parents in Quezon City

Good news for solo parents in Quezon City! Every first and last Sunday of the month, solo parents shall be entitled to a 20% discount at restaurants, fast food chains, and other food establishments in Quezon City.  This is a new mandate of the Quezon City government in accordance with RA 8972 of Solo ParentsContinue reading “20% Restaurant Discounts for Solo Parents in Quezon City”

Who May Use the DFA’s Passport Courtesy Lanes?

Securing an appointment with the DFA to apply for a passport or have your old one renewed has proven to be quite a challenge for most.  Good thing the DFA has made courtesy lanes available for certain types of applicants. Here is the list of requirements in order to be eligible for the DFA’s courtesyContinue reading “Who May Use the DFA’s Passport Courtesy Lanes?”

Solo Parents May Now Use the DFA’s Passport Priority Lanes

Good news for all Solo Parent ID holders! The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) confirmed that solo parents, with a valid Solo Parent ID, will now be prioritized at the passport application lanes.  If you are a Solo Parent ID holder, you no longer need to set an appointment online to apply for or renewContinue reading “Solo Parents May Now Use the DFA’s Passport Priority Lanes”

Online Passport Appointment System Made Easier for Every Pinoy

In the first week of September (2017), the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) announced that it has opened more appointment slots for Pinoys seeking to apply for a new passport or have their old ones renewed.  The additional slots came from the 1,200 reserved (daily) slots for travel agencies and DFA employees. Yes, even DFAContinue reading “Online Passport Appointment System Made Easier for Every Pinoy”

Something to Look Forward to: More Benefits for the Solo Parent Under RA 8972

16 years ago, the government enacted RA 8972 or what we all know as the Solo Parents’ Welfare Act of 2000.  Through this law, qualified solo parents are granted certain discounts and privileges, mandated by the government, in order to help them support their children. This year, the Federation of Solo Parents in Luzvimin, GabrielaContinue reading “Something to Look Forward to: More Benefits for the Solo Parent Under RA 8972”

Benefits for Solo Parent ID Holders

And finally, the last installment in our Solo Parent series: the list of benefits that await Solo Parent ID holders. There are two types of benefits available to qualified Solo Parents: Employment-related and benefits to cover a child’s basic needs.  Read on! Employment-Related Benefits: 1 .Flexible work schedule. Hangga’t hindi makaka-apekto sa productivity ng empleyadoContinue reading “Benefits for Solo Parent ID Holders”

Are You Qualified for Solo Parent Benefits?

Bonjour!  Mabuhay! We all know that raising a family is a feat in itself, what with the demands of children’s basic needs: food, shelter, clothing, and education.  If you have a child, you are well aware of the sacrifices a parent or parents have to make in order to provide the best possible subsistence toContinue reading “Are You Qualified for Solo Parent Benefits?”