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The President has signed Executive Order No. 26, banning smokers from puffing toxic tobacco fumes in public and enclosed places.

Below is a summary of EO No. 26 entitled: “Providing for the establishment of smoke-free environments in public and enclosed spaces,”

  1. Enclosed and public spaces include public transportation, whether in motion or stopped at a traffic light or on a roadside.
  2. Establishments must assign a Designated Smoking Area (DSA) following the standards provided in the EO.  DSAs may be an open space or a separate area with proper ventilation.
  3. DSAs in an enclosed space must not have an opening where cigarette-smoke-contaminated air may escape into smoke-free areas of the enclosure (buildings, rooms, public transportation), save for a “single door with an automatic door closer”.
  4. Only one DSA is allowed per building and transportation and must have a clear signage identifying that area as a smoking area.
  5. DSAs must have a non-smoking buffer zone, the combined area of both must not be larger than 20% of the total floor area of the building or transportation.
  6. Minors are not allowed to enter DSAs and its buffer zone.
  7. The following are not allowed to have a DSA at all:
    • Centers of youth activity such as playschools, preparatory schools, elementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities, youth hostels, and recreational facilities for minors.
    • Elevators and stairwells.
    • Locations where fire hazards are present.
    • Premises of private and public hospitals, as well as medical, dental, and optical clinics.
    • Food preparation areas.
  8. Persons-in-charge such as mangers or presidents of establishments, building administrators are prohibited from tolerating smoking public places surrounding their buildings and places of assignment.
  9. Sale, distribution, purchase of tobacco products to and from minors are prohibited.
  10. Tobacco advertisements and promotional materials (kiosks, special offer booths, etc.) are prohibited within 100 meters from the perimeter of a school, public playground, and other facilities where minors often converge or stay.
  11. Violators of provisions on providing tobacco products to minors may be fined Php 5,000, imprisoned of up to 30 days, or revocation of business licenses and permits.
  12. Violators of the rules for smoking in public places may be fined Php 500 up to Php 10,000.

The EO will be enforced 60 days after ongoing publication in broadsheets nationwide.




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No Smoking in the Philippines!


In one of my recent trips to the Manila City Hall, I spotted a guy casually smoking a cigarette right outside the office of a city Councilor.  As I walked further down the hallway (which was lined with the offices of several other councilors) I saw more people puffing sticks after sticks of cigarettes.  If you are a non-smoker, you will find it extremely challenging to pass by these halls or sit by the concrete benches.  When I left the area half an hour later, I smelled like an ashtray and had a bit of headache from all the cigarette fumes I inhaled.

When the President signs the Executive Order that will ban smoking from all public places in the entire country, I wouldn’t have to worry about getting stuck in an area filled with other people’s cigarette smoke.  Once the drafted Executive Order is signed, smoking will be banned in all public places such as parks, bus stations and other public transportation terminals, alleyways between buildings, sidewalks, and even inside a vehicle as this is considered a public area.

The Department of Health is steadfast in monitoring the official implementation of the total smoking ban policy in the country. They are also moving towards having RA 9211, or the act regulating the packaging, use, sale, distribution, and advertisement of tobacco products amended to address gray areas like point-of-sale advertisements and designation of smoking areas.

Fresh, smoke-less air, anyone?

Tell us what you think about this latest news from the government.







Bonjour. Mabuhay.

I;m sure you all know about the new smoking ban in the Metro.
In case you want to report yuing matitigas ang ulo, these are the numbers to call:

MMDA: 136
LTFRB: 0921448777

LTFRB kapag nasa public utility vehicle or private vehicle na smoking in a non smoking area with windows down.
Let’s do our part to help one another.

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