Higher Social Pension For Indigent Senior Citizens, Approved!

From Php 500 to Php 1,000. Indigent Senior Citizens will now receive Php 1,000 monthly pension allowance from the government after the bill seeking higher social pension for indigent elderly lapsed into law. Who are qualified and how are they qualified? The social pension is for elderly beneficiaries selected from the National Household Targeting SystemContinue reading “Higher Social Pension For Indigent Senior Citizens, Approved!”

The SSS Annual Confirmation Of Pensioners Program (ACOP) Resumes This Month

Are you an SSS pensioner or a beneficiary of a deceased SSS pensioner? The ACOP (Annual Confirmation Of Pensioners Program) resumes this month (October 2021) after being put on hold last year. The suspension of the ACOP was extended several times due to the changing quarantine restrictions. Last month, the SSS announced the resumption ofContinue reading “The SSS Annual Confirmation Of Pensioners Program (ACOP) Resumes This Month”

Who May Use the DFA’s Passport Courtesy Lanes?

Securing an appointment with the DFA to apply for a passport or have your old one renewed has proven to be quite a challenge for most.  Good thing the DFA has made courtesy lanes available for certain types of applicants. Here is the list of requirements in order to be eligible for the DFA’s courtesyContinue reading “Who May Use the DFA’s Passport Courtesy Lanes?”

The Senior Citizen Philhealth Membership Explained

My mom is a senior citizen enjoying all perks and privileges offered by our government to citizens her age.  She gets to beat long lines at grocery stores and rest rooms, watches movies for free at the mall at least once a week, and gets discounts when dining out. As her designated carer, my majorContinue reading “The Senior Citizen Philhealth Membership Explained”

Important Guidelines when Applying or Renewing your Passport

Whether you are applying for a passport for the first time or are about to have your old one renewed, you need to be guided by the following reminders from the DFA.  A lot of applicants fail to check these fine prints in the DFA website and end up losing their slot simply because theyContinue reading “Important Guidelines when Applying or Renewing your Passport”

Senior Citizen Discount on Medicines: Requirements and Limitations

As a Senior Citizen, you can either buy your medicines personally or have someone else run the errand for you.  To be sure you are given your rightful discounts and privileges when purchasing your medicines, take note of the following reminders and requirements: To avail of the 20% discount on medicines: Present your Senior Citizen’sContinue reading “Senior Citizen Discount on Medicines: Requirements and Limitations”

Philhealth for PWDs: Lifetime Membership?

Madz works as a call center agent in a multi-national company in Makati.  She delivers her job well, has an impeccable attendance record, and is an effective team player. Madz is also a Person with Disability (PWD); she lost her ability to walk after being stricken with polio at 3 years old.  She grew upContinue reading “Philhealth for PWDs: Lifetime Membership?”

The Senior Citizen Discount: Are Grocery Items Included in the List?

A Senior Citizen ID card holder may enjoy two free movies at cinemas in Quezon City on specific days.  When dining or buying medicines, they are granted a 20% discount off of the cost of their meals and medications.  They are also given priority seats in public transportation and are granted the best slots inContinue reading “The Senior Citizen Discount: Are Grocery Items Included in the List?”