Passport Application: What You Need to Bring to the DFA Consular Office

To avoid encountering problems on your passport application appointment date, make sure you have the correct and complete set of requirements when you appear at the DFA.  Remember, if you are renewing a maroon passport, you no longer need to bring a copy of your PSA birth certificate, unless you are going to use thisContinue reading “Passport Application: What You Need to Bring to the DFA Consular Office”

DFA Passport Appointment: No Show, No Refund

Last year, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) tweaked the passport appointment process a bit so that applicants are required to confirm their appointments by paying for their passports before their appointment dates.  In the past, applicants have the liberty to book an appointment’s date and time, appear before a DFA consul, and then payContinue reading “DFA Passport Appointment: No Show, No Refund”

List of Requirements for the Renewal of Passport for Minors

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has specific requirements for minors applying for passports or having old ones renewed.  In today’s blog, we will also be including the additional requirements in cases when a child is adopted, is not traveling with parents, or has issues with the entries in his or her birth certificate. ReadContinue reading “List of Requirements for the Renewal of Passport for Minors”

List of Requirements for the Renewal of Non e-Passports

If your passport does not have a biometric chip embedded in its cover, it is not an e-Passport.  If that is the type of passport you are to renew this year, there may be some requirements that are different from the list we featured yesterday.  Today’s blog is dedicated to the holders of non-ePassports: thoseContinue reading “List of Requirements for the Renewal of Non e-Passports”

List of Requirements for Renewal of Passport

After the DFA announced that the PSA birth certificate is no longer a requirement when renewing passports, we received a lot of messages from our followers seeking to clarify the new policy.  Some of them who had confirmed appointments for passport renewal proceeded to the DFA branches WITHOUT their PSA birth and marriage certificates, onlyContinue reading “List of Requirements for Renewal of Passport”