The Pinoy PWD: Up, Close, and Personal

“Kailangan bang naka upo sa wheelchair o naka saklay ang PWD bago siya i-consider na person with disability?  Kasi PWD ako pero ayaw akong bigyan ng discount sa parmasya dahil ayaw maniwalang PWD ako.” – Mila, an epileptic. Often when we see the acronym “PWD”, we think of a person who isn’t able to walkContinue reading “The Pinoy PWD: Up, Close, and Personal”

Tax Exemption Para sa mga Pinoy PWD, Aprubado Na!

Ibinalita na ng Malacañang na ang mga Pinoy PWD (Persons With Disabilities) ay exempted na mula sa pagbabayad ng VAT o Value Added Tax.  Pinirmahan na ng Pangulo ang RA 10754 o ang batas na nag-uutos na ang mga PWD ay hindi na kailangang magbayad ng dagdag na 12% (VAT), gaya ng mga Senior Citizens.Continue reading “Tax Exemption Para sa mga Pinoy PWD, Aprubado Na!”

How To Get a PWD ID

The Philippines upholds and respects the Magna Carta of Disabled Persons. Through Republic Act 7277, Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) are granted the right to belong to our society and be given support to improve their well-being, promote self-development and self-reliance, and provide them the same opportunities as other people. If you are a PWD orContinue reading “How To Get a PWD ID”