Requirements for Declaration of Presumption of Death

A common question we receive from readers is how to remarry without going through the process of annulment or divorce.  Of course the obvious answer to this question is there is no other way for a married person to get married again unless his or her spouse dies and makes him a widow/widower.  This answerContinue reading “Requirements for Declaration of Presumption of Death”


The Quezon City Hall Series: Court Decrees and Legitimation

Parents who have children born before they were married can have their children legitimized by executing an Affidavit of Legitimation.  This must be submitted to the Office of the Civil Registrar of the child’s birthplace.  Court decrees, on the other hand, are legal instruments concerning the status of a person such as Admission of Paternity,Continue reading “The Quezon City Hall Series: Court Decrees and Legitimation”

The Real Score on Remarrying Based on Presumptive Death of a Spouse

Gaano nga ba katotoo na kapag ang iyong asawa ay nawala ng hindi bababa sa pitong taon – walang nakaka-alam kung nasaan siya, walang nakaka-alam kung buhay pa siya – ay malaya ka nang mag-asawang muli na hindi mo na kailangan ang annulment o ano pa mang proseso. Totoo nga ba ito? Ayon sa PhilippineContinue reading “The Real Score on Remarrying Based on Presumptive Death of a Spouse”