Quick Guide to Passport Application at the DFA

About 15 years ago when I first worked on my passport application, I got overwhelmed with all the documents and IDs I needed to prepare.  I thought to myself, if this is how complicated the process is, how can senior citizens, PWDs, and other citizens with special needs and cases manage to get everything done.Continue reading “Quick Guide to Passport Application at the DFA”

U.S. Work Visa: Requirements and Application Procedures

For the hard-working Pinoy, no international country is ever too far to reach if it means earning more for their families.  The United States is a country rich in opportunities for professional and skilled Filipino workers.  That is why it is a favorite destination among those who prefer to live and work abroad to supportContinue reading “U.S. Work Visa: Requirements and Application Procedures”

DFA Consular Affairs Office Holds 2nd General Assembly on Public Service Excellence

Bonjour. Mabuhay. I found this bit of news in the net and was left wondering if the ideals of public service are indeed being met. I want to hear you opinions on this fellow Kababayans. 🙂 Read on: ================================================================= Foreign Affairs Undersecretary for Administration Rafael E. Seguis exhorted the personnel of the Office of ConsularContinue reading “DFA Consular Affairs Office Holds 2nd General Assembly on Public Service Excellence”