The ePhilID: What Is It And How Do You Get One?

From PhilSys ID to EPhilID, real quick! If you have completed the Step 2 of the PhilSys ID registration process but have not yet received your physical ID, you may just be eligible to get an electronic version of the ID. Here’s how. The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) recently announced the pilot test on theContinue reading “The ePhilID: What Is It And How Do You Get One?”

PhilSys Check: A PhilID Verification System

How do you know your PhilID (national ID) is authentic? Read this. The Philippine Statistics Authority recently launched the PhilSys Check system – a tool that relying parties such as banks, schools, and other establishments that accept your PhilID as basis for your identification, may use to check if the PhilID you are presenting toContinue reading “PhilSys Check: A PhilID Verification System”

Will The PhilSys ID Replace All Other Government-issued IDs?

The PSA proudly announced that they have successfully served more than 8 million PhilID cards to Filipinos who have completed Steps 1 and 2 of the PhilSys registration process. That is about 24% of the 33.8 million IDs they projected to create and deliver to the public this year. Earlier this year, the President orderedContinue reading “Will The PhilSys ID Replace All Other Government-issued IDs?”

The Philippine Identification (PhilID): One ID To Rule Them All!

How many times did you have to dig in your bag or wallet to look for “at least two valid government-issued IDs”? You know how annoying it is to have to come up with two IDs that have your photograph and signature on it for even the most mundane of errands such as claiming aContinue reading “The Philippine Identification (PhilID): One ID To Rule Them All!”

Your PhilSys ID: Up, Close, and Personal

Last week, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) detailed the different features of the Philippine Identification Card or the PhilID in their website.  The government has started delivering the physical IDs of those who have completed steps 1 and 2 of the registration process. Now that the PSA has made the registration available online, more FilipinosContinue reading “Your PhilSys ID: Up, Close, and Personal”

Step-by-step National ID Registration Process

Once you have chosen the registration center where you wish to apply for your National ID, you will want to know the process that you will have to go through to get the ID.  Dahil advance akong mag isip, I’m sharing the process now, as lifted from the IRR of the Philippine Identification System Act.Continue reading “Step-by-step National ID Registration Process”