Philhealth Benefits: When Is A Member Eligible to Claim?

Are you a Philhealth member?  Do you regularly check if your contributions are posted on your account?  What could be the reasons why a paying member may not be able to use his Philhealth benefits? Regular remittance of premium contributions must be maintained in order for a Philhealth member to avail of the benefits seamlessly. Continue reading “Philhealth Benefits: When Is A Member Eligible to Claim?”

How Much Will Philhealth Cover for Certain Medical and Surgical Cases?

It is a good thing to be a member of Philhealth as it assures you of assistance in paying your hospital bills.  Their recent update on the guaranteed membership of Senior Citizens added to the insurance’s value to Filipinos.  Patients recovering from their illnesses can sleep soundly knowing that they can count on ready assistanceContinue reading “How Much Will Philhealth Cover for Certain Medical and Surgical Cases?”

Philhealth Contribution Table for 2016

Ailments, especially those that require hospital confinement, surgery, and maintenance medications can be challenging not just on the physical aspect, but more so on our finances. When one gets employed, he is required to submit his Philhealth number to ensure that all contributions are properly remitted by his employer into his account.  Even self-employed individuals,Continue reading “Philhealth Contribution Table for 2016”

Philhealth Number Application is Now Online!

Since we are on the subject of all things going online and electronic, I’m sharing my research on getting a Philhealth number through… yes, online means.  This has been around for quite some time now but I’m posting it just the same for those who just graduated, have never gotten around to getting their PhilhealthContinue reading “Philhealth Number Application is Now Online!”