Philippine Passports for Pinoys with Dual Citizenship

In yesterday’s blog, we talked about the possibility of re-acquiring Filipino citizenship after becoming a naturalized citizen of another country. Such Pinoys have dual citizenship. Today’s blog will focus on how a Filipino with dual citizenship can apply for his Philippine passport. Yes. They can have two passports – one from the country where theyContinue reading “Philippine Passports for Pinoys with Dual Citizenship”

Dual Citizenship : Kung Mahal Mo, Babalikan Mo

When a natural-born Filipino acquires citizenship through naturalization in a foreign country, he essentially “renounces” his Filipino citizenship. In August 2003, such Pinoys were given the option to re-acquire their Filipino citizenship by virtue of Republic Act No. 9225. They can file for a petition to re-acquire their Filipino citizenship, subject to the approval ofContinue reading “Dual Citizenship : Kung Mahal Mo, Babalikan Mo”

DFA Puts Up Online Passport Tracking System

Bonjour. Mabuhay. DFA update: The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) came up with a system that will determine the status of passport application online. Passport applicants need not go or make a follow up call to the DFA office of the Consular Affairs to know the exact date of the release of their passports. InContinue reading “DFA Puts Up Online Passport Tracking System”