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There is a better and more efficient means to get PSA documents (birth, marriage, CENOMAR, death) and that is by ordering online at www.psahelpline.ph.  It works just like any other online retail facility where you simply choose the item you need, place it in your virtual cart, pay, and then wait for the order to arrive.

What PSA certificates can you order online?

You may request for copies of birth, marriage, death, and Certificate of No Marriage or CENOMAR.  Simply click on the ORDER NOW! button found on the site’s homepage, and then choose the document you need.

I only need the document for my files.  Can I still request online or is this facility only for those who are in a hurry?

PSAHelpline.ph is for everyone, especially those who do not have time to travel to or visit a PSA office. The site offers several reasons for requesting a PSA certificate; however, if you are requesting for personal purposes, you may simply choose ETC. (others) and specify that you need it for your files.

What personal information are required when placing an order?

Your first, middle, and last names are required, as well as your gender, birthday, birthplace, and birth right.  You will also be asked for your parents’ names so if you are not familiar with the spellings, better do an advance research to avoid discrepancies in your submitted application.

Have you had any legal proceedings done to your birth certificate?

Legal proceedings include:

1. Correction of entry

Your birth certificate underwent “Correction of Entry” if you had a name spelling or birth date corrected.  There should be an annotation in your birth certificate to show the correct entries; you will not be issued a new copy of your birth certificate.

2. Legitimation

If a child is born out of wedlock, his birth right will show that he is illegitimate.  When his biological parents marry afterwards, they have the option to file for Legitimation Due To Subsequent Marriage.  This process changes the child’s birth right from illegitimate to legitimate; the child may now rightfully use his father’s last name.

3. Adoption

After due adoption process, annotations will be affixed to the adopted child’s birth certificate.

4. Court Hearings

Common reasons why a person’s birth certificate undergoes legal proceedings is changing of middle and last names.  The changes will appear as annotations on the birth certificate.

5. Supplemental Report

If there are fields left blank in your birth certificate, it will be issued a Supplemental Report in order to supply the missing entries.  These will reflect as annotations on the blank spaces in your document, not necessarily written on the blank fields.

You need to indicate any legal proceeding done to your birth certificate, as part of the online ordering process.

Who is requesting for the document?

The site requires for the identity of the person placing the order and his relationship with the owner of the certificate.  The requesting party must be of legal age and must be the same person to receive the document upon delivery.

Requesting parties could be the owner himself, spouse, parents, children, and grandchildren. If the requesting party is not a relative, choose None of the Above.


Just like any other online shopping site, you will be given the chance to review the details of your ordered certificate on the Order Summary page.  Take time to review all entries you made; any error may negatively affect your order.

Provide a working mobile, landline, and email address where PSAHelpline.ph may contact you for any concerns with your application.

The fields for your delivery address are clearly labeled; the city and municipality fields have dropdown arrows where you can select the most appropriate location of your area.

In case you are not available to receive the documents you ordered, you need to assign at least three representatives and indicate their names at the bottom part of the screen.  If you fail to assign a representative, the courier will only be released to you as the Requesting Party.

Indicate how many copies you wish to order and then tick the small box beside I certify that all the information I’ve provided is true and correct.

Order Confirmation

Your order is confirmed when you are issued a Reference Number; this is the 10-digit number that will appear on your screen after you submit your order.  This will also be sent to your email as added reference.

You may now proceed with the payment of the ordered certificates.

Payment Channels

You have several options when paying for your ordered PSA certificates.

  1. Online payment using your Visa or Mastercard credit cards.
  2. Through Bancnet ATM
  3. BayadCenters
  4. EZPay at 7-11 stores

What you need upon document delivery

Make sure you are physically present at the delivery address on the days you are expecting the documents to arrive.  Prepare a valid ID to support your identity as the requesting party.

If you assigned representatives to receive the document on your behalf, leave a signed authorization letter and one valid ID.  The representative must also be able to present at least one valid ID to the courier.

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Apply for your NBI Clearance Online.jpg

May mas gaganda pa ba sa balitang ito?

Ilang ulit ka na bang nagtangkang pumunta sa NBI office para kumuha o magpa-renew ng iyong clearance? Kailangan mong gumising ng napaka aga at pumila sa NBI office bago pa man sumikat ang araw.

Hindi na ngayon dahil ang application for NBI Clearance ay pwede nang gawin online!  Think of it this way: kung anim ang steps para makakuha ng NBI clearance sa NBI office, ang unang apat na steps ay maaari mo nang gawin online.  Kaya pag punta mo sa NBI office, photo and fingerprint capture na lang at printing ng clearance ang gagawin mo!

Allow me to share with you a summary of my research on this good news. Read on!

1. Log on to the NBI Clearance Online Application Website at https://www.nbi-clearance.com/ You will be taken to this page where you need to click on the Sign Up button.

2. You will be prompted whether your application is for a New Clearance or a Renewal of your existing clearance.  Take note that Renewal is only for clearances issued in 2014 and 2015.  You will also be asked to key in your NBI ID number if you are applying for a renewal, so be ready with a copy of your NBI clearance.  Once you have chosen the correct application type (New or Renewal), you will be prompted to create your account. Have the following ready:

  • A valid Email Address
  • A strong password

Both will be used to access your online NBI account.  Take note of your login credentials because you will be accessing your NBI account several times during the application process.  An email confirmation will be sent to your email shortly after submitting your registration; you need to confirm through the email sent to you in order to continue with the online application process.

3. The next step is to fill out the electronic registration form.  Make sure na tama lahat ng spellings sa mga entries before saving.  However, kahit naman na-save mo na ang registration form, may option ka pa din to correct any errors by simply clicking on the Edit Information button.

4. When done and have confirmed that all entries in your online registration form are correct, you may click the Apply for Clearance button. This will take you to a window that will ask for your application type (New or Renewal) and the type of ID you will be presenting.

5. After submission, you will be prompted with an important reminder. Basahin ito dahil nandito ang instructions ng mga susunod mong gagawin to complete your application.  Kapag nabasa na, click on the OKAY button to proceed to the Appointment Page.

6. Sa Appointment Page, maaari kang mamili ng NBI Branch, Date, and Time ng iyong pag punta sa NBI para kumpletuhin ang iyong application. Pag nakapili na, ilagay ang Purpose ng iyong NBI clearance application (Local or Abroad).

7. Mapapansin na magbabago ang fee ng NBI Clearance kung Local or Abroad ang pipiliing Purpose.  Para sa kumpletong listahan ng mga fees depending on the purpose of the clearance, visit this page.  Unlike before na sa NBI office ka lang pwedeng mag bayad ng fee, may iba’t ibang options ka na ngayon:

  • Over-the-Counter Payments at: BDO, Metrobank, BPI, Landbank, RCBC, Chinabank, Eastwest Bank, Union Bank, Security Bank, PNB, DBP and other participating banks. A service fee of P40 to P100 (depending on the bank) will be added to the NBI fee.
  • Online Bank Payment at: BDO Internet Banking, BPI Express Online, Chinabank Online, Metrobank Direct, RCBC Access One, Unionbank EON/Internet Banking & UCPB Connect. Tulad ng over-the-counter payments sa banks, may additional service fee din ang online payment.
  • Mobile Payment through: Globe Business Centers, Globelines Payment and Service Centers, or any GCash Outlets. May service fee ang mobile payments.
  • Bayad Centers – May service fee din ang pagbabayd through Bayad Centers.

8. Kapag nakapili ka na ng payment method, padadalhan ka ng email containing your Reference Number and the instructions on how to make your payment. Kindly check your email and take note of your Reference Number dahil ito ang magsisilbing “ticket” mo para papasukin ka sa NBI to claim your clearance.  Ito ang patunay na nag apply ka online at mayroon kang appointment sa NBI.

9. After making your payment, log back in to your NBI account and click on Transaction.  There will be a clickable link to confirm that you have already made your payment; click on the link and supply the details found in your deposit slip or payment receipt.

After successfully doing all of the above, ready ka na sa huling dalawang steps to get your NBI clearance!

Proceed to the NBI branch you chose when you set your appointment.  Take note of the following reminders:

  1. Bring TWO valid identification.  The following are acceptable IDs and documents.  If it is not listed here, do not insist on bringing it as NBI will not honor your ID.  Make sure to check the validity of your IDs and documents before proceeding to NBI. Bring the original copies as photocopies will not be honored.
  2. Follow appropriate dress code.
  3. Bring the printed NBI Clearance Application Reference code. Include the QR code in the printout.
  4. Keep a copy of the reference code as well (save it in your phone, write it on a piece of paper).

When you arrive at the NBI, present your reference number at the entrance and advise that you applied online and that you have an appointment.  You will be given instructions on how to proceed with your application.  Your photo and fingerprints will be captured and then a copy of your clearance will be printed out.

Tell me about your NBI online application experience!

Source: http://www.nbiclearance.com/

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