Problems with NSO Birth Certificate: Wrong Middle Name on Birth Certificate

What if you found out that the middle name written on your NSO birth certificate (now PSA Birth Certificate) is your mother’s maiden middle name, making you her sister or brother (instead of being her son or daughter)?  How do you get this corrected and fast? According to the official website of the Philippine StatisticsContinue reading “Problems with NSO Birth Certificate: Wrong Middle Name on Birth Certificate”

Problems with NSO Birth Certificate : Are You a “Baby Boy” or “Baby Girl”?

Us Pinoys have a penchant for naming anything small, cute, and cuddly, Baby, including our children.  We often disregard the fact that these babies will soon grow up to become boys and girls, and eventually, men and women.  Imagine being the Chairman of the Board of a multi-national company and your team calls you “SirContinue reading “Problems with NSO Birth Certificate : Are You a “Baby Boy” or “Baby Girl”?”

Problems with NSO Birth Certificate : “I Know My Name Is Pedro.”

What if the first name you have been using all your life is not the name written on your NSO Birth Certificate (now PSA Birth Certificate)?  )?  Is it possible to have such errors corrected?  Let’s find out from “Pedro”. His family and friends have always called him Pedro, “Pete” for short.  In a seaContinue reading “Problems with NSO Birth Certificate : “I Know My Name Is Pedro.””

NSO Certificate Problems & Solutions

Bonjour. Mabuhay.   I hope you all voted. And I hope you all voted according sa best choice ninyo for your future. Remember, ang maling boto mo, sisingilin din sa inyo, tulad ng mga problems na kinakaharap natin minsan sa mga birth, marriage at death certificates natin. I mean, the problem is part of life,Continue reading “NSO Certificate Problems & Solutions”

NSO: Press Statement on Republic Act 10172

Bonjour. Mabuhay.   A clarification on RA 10172     Press Statement on Republic Act 10172 It has come to our attention that a number of our countrymen received the wrong information regarding the recently approved Republic Act (RA) 10172 entitled “An Act Further Authorizing the City or Municipal Civil Registrar or the Consul GeneralContinue reading “NSO: Press Statement on Republic Act 10172”

NSO Birth Certificate Concerns

Bonjour. Mabuhay. If you have problems, questions, or is simply looking for information regarding birth certificates or other NSO certificates, you can find all the info in this page. Or you can call the NSO Helpline (02) 737-1111 FAQ, maps, correction concerns, requests, laws and other stuff. Feel free to look into it andContinue reading “NSO Birth Certificate Concerns”