Who May Use the DFA’s Passport Courtesy Lanes?

Securing an appointment with the DFA to apply for a passport or have your old one renewed has proven to be quite a challenge for most.  Good thing the DFA has made courtesy lanes available for certain types of applicants. Here is the list of requirements in order to be eligible for the DFA’s courtesyContinue reading “Who May Use the DFA’s Passport Courtesy Lanes?”

4 Steps in Registering your Child’s Birth

My sister gave birth last March to twins.  It was her first pregnancy which means that she had to learn all the things that came with it, twice (changing diapers, breastfeeding, etc.).  She said that from the moment her doctor confirmed she was pregnant, she felt as if she was seeing, hearing, tasting, and feelingContinue reading “4 Steps in Registering your Child’s Birth”

Dengue Confinements are Covered by PhilHealth

It is that time of the year when dengue mosquitoes seem to be more active in hunting their prey.  Young and old alike can fall victim to these pesky insects that carry the deadly dengue virus.  It is no secret why emergency rooms are never without a patient exhibiting the early signs of dengue fever.Continue reading “Dengue Confinements are Covered by PhilHealth”

How to Apply for an SSS Loan Restructuring If You are Unable to Visit an SSS Office

My brother’s SSS account has been in question for quite a few years now due to a salary loan that has remained unpaid since 2009.  I told him about the ongoing loan restructuring program being offered by the SSS and advised him to take some time off from work so he can visit an SSSContinue reading “How to Apply for an SSS Loan Restructuring If You are Unable to Visit an SSS Office”

South Korea Visa Now Only Through Travel Agencies

If you are planning to visit South Korea anytime soon, it is good to know that you no longer need to wait in line by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to get a visa.  Starting July 1, 2018, South Korea visitors may secure their visas through authorized travel agencies! According to the KoreanContinue reading “South Korea Visa Now Only Through Travel Agencies”

LTO Fines and Fees for Traffic Violations: What You Need to Know

Getting a ticket for a traffic or vehicle regulation violation means you will not only have to stop and spend a good 15 to 20 minutes negotiating with a traffic enforcer but also that you will have to pay the prescribed fee for the violation you committed.  It is both a pain in your scheduleContinue reading “LTO Fines and Fees for Traffic Violations: What You Need to Know”

My Experience Using the New DFA E-payment Portal

My passport is due to expire this month so I really made it a point to have it renewed before the end of May.  It was pretty difficult to get an appointment slot through the http://www.passport.gov.ph website but I finally was able to secure one last June 2, 2018. This was not the first timeContinue reading “My Experience Using the New DFA E-payment Portal”

PSA to Manage the National ID System Soon

Apart from our birth and marriage certificates, the PSA will also be assigned to manage the national ID system once it is signed into law. What are the personal information that the PSA will collect to form part of the national ID? Common Reference Number or CRN and other basic information. Biometrics Voter’s ID, PhilippineContinue reading “PSA to Manage the National ID System Soon”