Nationwide Smoking Ban in the Philippines: Approved!

Executive Order 26, or the Establishment of Smoke-free Environment in Public and Enclosed Places has been in effect since midnight of July 23, 2017.  The Philippines is now a No Smoking Country! Below is a quick summary of the places and conveyances covered by this law and what awaits those that will be caught violatingContinue reading “Nationwide Smoking Ban in the Philippines: Approved!”

The Philippines is Now a No Smoking Country

The President has signed Executive Order No. 26, banning smokers from puffing toxic tobacco fumes in public and enclosed places. Below is a summary of EO No. 26 entitled: “Providing for the establishment of smoke-free environments in public and enclosed spaces,” Enclosed and public spaces include public transportation, whether in motion or stopped at aContinue reading “The Philippines is Now a No Smoking Country”

Something to Look Forward to: The Philippines Will Be a No Smoking Country Very Soon!

Last October (2016), news broke out that the government is poised to implement a nationwide “No Smoking” policy that will make smoking in public areas (indoor or outdoor) basically, illegal.  Less than 5 months later, the President declared that he will be signing the EO anytime now. Good news, eh? The anticipated new law aimsContinue reading “Something to Look Forward to: The Philippines Will Be a No Smoking Country Very Soon!”

No Smoking in the Philippines!

In one of my recent trips to the Manila City Hall, I spotted a guy casually smoking a cigarette right outside the office of a city Councilor.  As I walked further down the hallway (which was lined with the offices of several other councilors) I saw more people puffing sticks after sticks of cigarettes.  IfContinue reading “No Smoking in the Philippines!”

MMDA Smoking Ban Hotlines To Call

Bonjour. Mabuhay. I;m sure you all know about the new smoking ban in the Metro. In case you want to report yuing matitigas ang ulo, these are the numbers to call: MMDA: 136 LTFRB: 0921448777 LTFRB kapag nasa public utility vehicle or private vehicle na smoking in a non smoking area with windows down. Let’sContinue reading “MMDA Smoking Ban Hotlines To Call”

MMDA: Smoking Ban in Metro Manila Public Places Begins May 30, 2011

Bonjour. Mabuhay. If you are a non-smoker, we can now finally get some reprieve from cigarette smoke by the new smoking ban set into place in Metro Manila. Smokers can now only do their thing privately without non-smokers having to deal with it as well. Here’s some news on this new development: =============================== Smokers, beware:Continue reading “MMDA: Smoking Ban in Metro Manila Public Places Begins May 30, 2011”